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DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Pearlescent & Iridescent 7 Tube Set

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Pearlescent & Iridescent 7 Tube Set

Introducing luminescent pigments to your watercolor palette brings more to your painting than shimmer and shine. What many artists have discovered is that while these pigments do possess refl ective qualities, they also add dimension, brightness, tone and texture to your paintings when mixed with standard watercolors.

Adding Light with Interference and Pearlescent Pigments

Interference Gold plus Hookers Green

Normally painters use the white of their paper in a wash to lighten colors. By mixing a standard pigment with an interference color you’ll lighten your color, add brightness and add an additional reflective hue.

For example, mixing Hooker’s Green (a saturated green color) with Interference Gold transforms the green in three ways. The most distinctive change is a lighter value of green. Additional brightness is a result of the reflected light coming from the mixture.

Finally, Interference Gold changes the overall hue in this mixture, adding gold tones and shifting the color to a slightly warmer green shade. The effect is subtle but unforgettable.

The Pearlescent & Iridescent Set includes 7 - 15ml tubes of:

  • Iridescent Bronze - A highly reflective color with a warm bronze sheen.
  • Iridescent Copper - A bright and reflective color of a newly minted penny.
  • Iridescent Gold - The quintessential gold shade – bright, reflective and regal
  • Iridescent Russet - A highly saturated burnt bronze with remarkable granulating qualities.
  • Iridescent Scarab Red - A complex burgundy with a delicate surface sparkle of blue-green pigment.
  • Pearlescent Shimmer - Use Pearlescent Shimmer as a glaze for a snow-like glimmer or mix with other colors to add sparkle and shine.
  • Pearlescent White - Use Pearlescent White as a slightly opaque glimmering glaze or combine with other colors to create sparkling pastel tones.

See our tutorial, "The Magic of Daniel Smith Interference Watercolors", for great ways to add shimmer, sparkle, and luster to your next painting.

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