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DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Triad 'Kimono'

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Triad 'Kimono'

A flowing tapestry of pattern and color expresses harmony in a traditional Japanese garment. Daniel Smith’s Kimono Triad is inspired by the beauty and artistry of the kimono. Our newest three-color collection brings together iridescent, earthy and vibrant color in a combination perfect for painting a variety of watercolor subjects.

Prussian Blue is a stunning shade capable of defining clean lines or ethereal washes. This rich blue is the base color of the kimono. French Ochre is an earthy yellow with a velvet finish and wonderfully warm tone. Use this shade to add golden details to the kimono and a warm glow to skintones. Iridescent Russet is a sparkling luminescent watercolor that brings magic to the robe’s details and trimmings. Weave a wonderful work of color and texture with the new Kimono Triad.


French Ochre is a rich earthy yellow that has a surprisingly delicate transparency. Used in a landscape this shade is the color of falling leaves or golden wheat fields. For portraits, use this shade to warm the skintones and create a lifelike glow. French Ochre proves its versatility in our kimono study by taking on the appearance of metallic gold for the robe’s borders and trim. Use full strength for this striking effect or soften to a granulating wash, adding a subtle glow.

Kimono Triad

Iridescent Russet, is the jewel of the Kimono Triad lending both sparkle and rich color to the palette. This luminescent color is opaque and reflective at full strength, capable of covering over other layers of paint. In washes the hue is softened, giving a dusky rose shade with soft sparkle and pronounced granulation. Try mixing Iridescent Russet with its trio-mates for a little magic on the page. Or simply let this glittery shade travel through a wet wash to create pattern and granulated color.

Kimono Triad

Prussian Blue is a lovely dark blue shade with a slight greenish undertone. At full strength this versatile color can be used to create a nearly black line; it is a rich midnight blue. Dilute in a wash to reveal its true tone and moderate granulation. In wet-into-wet applications Prussian Blue moves and floats across the wet paper. The texture and flowing quality of the kimono benefit from combinations of Prussian Blue with trio-mate Iridescent Russet.

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