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DANIEL SMITH Transparent Watercolor 7 Tube Set

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Product Description

DANIEL SMITH Transparent Watercolor 7 Tube Set

Vivid, transparent color power. The DANIEL SMITH Transparent Set contains an array of unique, and in some cases, surprising transparent colors to provide you with endless experimentation and discoveries.

Transparent or luminous colors are great for glazing and making subtle adjustments to underlying colors. A glaze of New Gamboge, for example, will warm up a too-cool passage. A glaze of Manganese Blue or Phthalo Turquoise will calm an overly bright passage and send it to the back. Permanent Brown and Sap Green are wonderful for landscapes and Anthraquinoid Red and Imperial Purple can work to create delicate skin tones - use them when subtle color changes are required. This group of transparents also has great power for creating strong contrasts or dark darks, making it an extremely versatile set.

The set includes 15ml tubes of the following colors:

  • Imperial Purple - Rich in texture, this highly saturated purple will granulate to reveal shades of plum and ultramarine. From the deepest purple, this semi-transparent and low-staining pigment continues to deliver as it is applied in ever more delicate washes to the palest lavender. Give a stand of garden Irises the royal treatment, or kiss the sunset with the softest touch.
  • Phthalo Turquoise - This Daniel Smith exclusive is a favorite of artists. It moves from a deep dark turquoise to a thin film of robin's egg blue in a single wash, making a remarkable transition from ground level to sky areas of garden florals.
  • Manganese Blue Hue - This cool turquoise blue is ideal for creating form or indicating space. It is a medium-staining semiopaque pigment with wonderful granulating properties. A good substitute for Cerulean Blue, Manganese Blue Hue offers an additional advantage: it mixes well with other non-staining semiopaques to create a mottled texture in underlying colors.
  • Permanent Brown - Imagine a rich and warm dark that can be textured with salt, squeegeed to reveal a warm residue stain and still have enough body to render glowing cedar bark in one stroke. That sums up high-staining, transparent Permanent Brown.
  • Anthraquinoid Red - Warm violet-red, this slightly granular, super-staining vat pigment is one of Daniel Smith's greatest creations. Anthraquinoid Red offers artists a vibrant, luminous pigment that retains its excellent permanency rating even in thin washes.
  • New Gamboge - Unlike other brands, Daniel Smith New Gamboge is an excellent lightfast formulation. It's a transparent organic pigment from the yellow to orange zone of your color wheel. More staining than Yellow Ochre and equal in tinting ability to Raw Sienna. It's a good substitute for those colors when transparency is desired while avoiding thick, muddy passages.
  • Sap Green - Daniel Smith's Sap Green is wonderful-the hue we love with the permanency we need. This non-fugitive formulation creates deep forest shadow-green mixed with French Ultramarine and mossy golden-greens and green-browns when mixed with Burnt Sienna or Quinacridone Sienna or Burnt Orange. Sap Green mixes well with most pigments and leaves a stained residue when lifted. In the French Ultramarine or Quinacridone mixtures mentioned above, squeegee or knife areas to reveal the Sap Green stain and to create blades of spring-shiny grasses within deeper or mossy passages.

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