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Indigo (PB60 PBk6) 15ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor

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Product Description

Indigo (PB60 PBk6) 15ml Tube, DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor

Used since the early Egyption times, Indigo has been a very important color in fabrics as well as art materials. Natural Indigo is a deep blue colorant named anil. It is obtained from the sprigs of the indigofera plant. In the late 1600's, the major source of indigo was the French West Indies, where large crops of indigofera was grown and harvested just before the plant bloomed. Once picked, the plant was processed in vats where it was water filtered, then dried into cakes for export. 

Our Indigo formula mixes Indanthrone Blue with Lamp Black for an extremely lightfast, intense dark that closely matches true Indigo. Transparent, yet high in tinting strength, this Indigo leaves a gentle faded blue denim stain when blotted from a damp state paint. Blueberries, blackberries and plums are a few subjects to play with using this technique. Use Indigo wherever dusty purples are desired.

Indigo evokes a feeling of atmospheric depth used for expressive, moody skies. Try flowing short strokes of Indigo into water, add touches of Sepia and Quinacridone Burnt Orange to create branches and birch trees. For a special treat, try this with Indigo and Cote d'Azur Violet.

  • ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent - Not yet rated by ASTM - Rating based on Daniel Smith's independent testing.
  • Transparency: Transparent
  • Granulating: No
  • Staining: Medium

marcia martin, from Modesto California USA
Overall Experience
gorgeous unique blue
How would you describe the quality of this product?
Five stars all around..it's great for details or washes, and you can remove it quite easily. It doesn't look milky or faded ..smooth coverage.
How did this product perform compared to your expectations?
I have never been disappointed in results ..I wish all colors were this pure looking on paper.
How would you describe the consistency?
Very smooth and rich.
How did you use this color in a painting?
Buildings mainly trims, roofs..lighthouses. Also for dark close cloud whiffs. Then anything you want to be dark blue like clothing accessories. Some very dark trees
Was this product true to its value?
Yes, and I was happy to see that other revered artists in our area use it in their pallettes
Overall Experience
What was your overall experience with this product?
Love having a different blue that I know remains the same every time I use it unlike one I may have mixed.when I show paintings using it, people ask and remark about the beautiful dark blue.
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