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10 Empty Full Pans for DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Travel Box

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Product Description

10 Empty Full Pans for DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Travel Box

Pack of 10, empty full-size pans, ready to be filled with your favorite tube watercolors and used in our 12 Full Pan Empty Watercolor Travel Box. These full pans allow you to easily switch out colors used in your Watercolor Travel Box adding to it’s versatility since you can change the colors in your palette depending on your location.

    Tips on filling empty pans with tube watercolor:
  1. Squeeze out tube color into pan, try to get into each of the corners by rotating.
  2. Fill about 3/4 full, it’s good to leave some room for water to pool when you are painting.
  3. Take a palette knife to “butter’ the paint into the corners if needed.
  4. Then “tap” the pan gently to settle the paint and make sure there are no air bubbles.
  5. Allow paint in the pan some time to dry before using in your Watercolor Travel Box.
  6. Once dried, place filled pan into your Watercolor Travel Box and you are setto go!

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