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With an equal measure of trepidation and excitement, you walk through the tall grass with your paint box amidst a glorious landscape and select your spot or perhaps you clear your kitchen table making painting space or perhaps you simply walk down the hall to your studio, turn on the lights and step to your easel or table. Wherever it is, you know how you will fill the next few intense yet very pleasurable hours. You close your eyes and imagine the scene and the painting that will result. You select a sheet of paper and place it carefully before you. This will be a wonderful watercolor, to be painted using all of your experience, all of your skills and, most importantly, invested with all of your passion.

You squint at the subject matter before you, assessing the scene, developing the palette. You want it to be perfect. You do a ‘thumbnail’ working out the values. Taking your time you sketch the scene on your paper. When finished, you stand back. This is the moment of truth. The paper is before you, your ‘thumbnail propped up and your brushes arrayed. You find your chosen hues from among the many tubes in your paint box. For me they are all DANIEL SMITH. This is going to be a fine painting and fine paintings demand the best paint. Personally I want to paint using only the best and I recommend the same to all of my students whether in a college studio, an out-of-town workshop or in my studio classroom. Exciting them to become more deeply and passionately engaged with the watercolor medium is my goal. Using DANIEL SMITH paint helps immeasurably because it leads to the creation of the best work. If you sacrifice quality you sacrifice everything. This is why I use and recommend DANIEL SMITH with all of its vibrant, radiant, light infused and rich concentrated pigments.

You squeeze the paint onto your palette, lift a brush and begin, putting your personality into every stroke. As you paint you recall Robert Henri’s words: “I am not interested in art as a means of making a living, I am interested in art as a means of living a life.” And you paint a wonderful painting.


Daven Anderson
An award-winning Watercolorist, Daven describes himself as an ‘urban realist’, painting life as he sees it on the city’s streets. Dave is essentially self-taught spending only one year in a twice weekly evening open painting session at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. Currently he teaches studio art credit courses in watercolor at the University of Missouri St. Louis, monthly day and evening watercolor classes in his studio in St. Louis and 2 and 3 day workshops around the country. Learn more at www.davenanderson.com