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Joe of our Seattle Store goes Jurassic over Postcards!

It's Vacation time, but some of us are still here, holding down the fort and keeping things running. We'll call it a 'Stay-cation'.

We're getting Facebook updates & Postcards from well-meaning friends, sharing their adventures and exploits from various destinations. It's (almost) enough to make us a little green with envy. Well, it's time to share. Let's show them just what is happening back home, at work, in the grocery aisles & in the coffee shops! Perhaps we'll embellish a little...

All that's needed are some blank watercolor postcards (or tear some Watercolor paper down to size), a stamp and your creative tools. Then - the sky is the limit!

Create a newspaper style illustration of that extra-special character you met while shopping (who leaves the house like that!), the guy ahead of you waiting to fill up or someone that caught your eye on the street.

Make a sketch with a waterproof Pitt Pen and then add bold punches of color with DANIEL SMITH Watercolors. Tell a story, perhaps exaggerate 'just a little'. Find the adventure around you.

I love making postcards. Only minutes after a picture is done - it can be in the mail and I never have to look at it again. For those of us who suffer from low artistic self-esteem, this can be very freeing; ship your demons off to someone else and they'll love you for it. I also tend to produce better results when I know that the end product can be a bit unexpected.

With postcards I let go of the result and send them off in the mail!

Have fun! Perhaps plan a postcard exchange with some friends, it's a great excuse for a get-together.... Whatever your plans are this summer, get out and look around with new eyes at all the adventures and characters that are all around - and share them!

    Joe's Supply List
  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolors
  • Faber-Castell Pitt Pen, Sepia
  • Richeson Watercolor Postcards
  • Strathmore Watercolor Cards
  • Niji Travel Brushes


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