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DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Color

When you buy our professional quality Original Oils, you get exceptionally strong pigmentation, uniform buttery consistency and excellent value. For more than 20 years, we’ve been innovators in pigment selection and formulation, and we still make and package each batch by hand, with the utmost integrity and attention to detail.

Introduced in 1989, our Original Oils showed the results of years of development. Our intent was to offer a game-changing paint with remarkable color strength, reliable lightfastness and consistent texture. Over the years we’ve expanded the line to include a vast array of colors derived from the world’s finest pigments, from the ancient natural minerals used in our PrimaTek colors, to the lab-created modern pigments in our Quinacridones and Luminescents.

Small Batch Production
Our manufacturing crew makes our Original Oils in a department right next to our Seattle Store. Visitors are often surprised to see just how simple and traditional the process is, and how closely involved the paintmakers are with every step of production. Batches are small, allowing close control of every factor involved.

Choice Ingredients
Great paint starts with great ingredients. We buy pure pigments from sources around the globe. The high grade of alkali-refined linseed oil we use is selected for its uniformity, light color, low acid value, low-yellowing properties and good adhesion.

Careful Formulation
Color strength and lightfastness are hallmarks of our paints. Each color was carefully formulated by our chemist and tested against similar colors in competitors’ lines. For each color, we select the perfect grind to yield particle sizes that maximize the qualities inherent in the pigment, and we balance maximum pigment load with minimum vehicle content. We include a small proportion of additives, less than 1% by weight, to improve brushability and consistency, modify drying time and improve the grind.

Verifiable Lightfastness
We test our paints by placing samples in a Xenon Fadeometer which exposes paint to the equivalent of 100 years of sunlight in ten days. Artists can rely on all but three of our colors to remain virtually unchanged for over a century.

Informative Labels
Each tube or can of DANIEL SMITH Original Oils is filled and labeled by hand. Labels give complete information including the common pigment names, color index names and numbers and ASTM lightfastness ratings. 165 colors carry the AP Approved Product Seal from the Art & Creative Materials Institute, meaning they are quite safe to use. If you haven’t tried DANIEL SMITH Original Oils yet, we know you’ll be impressed. And if you’re already using them, we want to say thank you for choosing our top quality American- made paint.

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DANIEL SMITH Original Oils | DANIEL SMITH Water-Soluble Oils


Exclusively from DANIEL SMITH
—unique colors made with authentic mineral pigments

Certain colors have captured the imagination of artists for hundreds or even thousands of years. Our exclusive PrimaTek® colors are made from naturally occurring pigments, reviving a tradition of making paints the way the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and other early cultures did. To find these rare pigments, our mineralogist circles the globe, going to some of the most remote areas in the world. Their diversity is amazing, from the subtle earth tones of Hematite, Minnesota Pipestone and Sedona to the exquisite jewel shades of Malachite, Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli Genuine. As you paint with these colors, we know you’ll experience something new in your oil color mixtures and paintings.

DANIEL SMITH Luminescent

Add Dimensional Color
with DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Oils

Luminescent pigments offer artists visual effects that cannot be duplicated with traditional artists’ pigments. DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Oils combine the high pigment load and superior working qualities of our Original Oil Colors with the ability to reflect light, bringing an added dimensional quality to your painting.

These unique colors can be integrated into your oil palette to produce subtle areas of reflected light or to add dramatic color-shifting effects.DANIEL SMITH offers four types of luminescent oil colors—Iridescent, Interference, Pearlescent and Duochrome—and they each produce a different effect. The science of luminescent color begins and ends with light. Conventional pigments produce color by absorbing all wavelengths of light except for the one wavelength that is reflected back to the viewer, producing the color that we see. When viewing iridescent and metallic colors, that same light is reflected back (like a mirror), bringing a metallic luster to your work. With Interference and Duochrome pigments the light is refracted and scattered. This interference of the reflected light produces color effects that shift as the viewer moves around your work, adding depth and dimension. Pearlescent colors offer a softer reflected light for a subtle, smooth sheen.

Using Metallic, Pearlescent and Iridescent Colors Iridescent and metallic oils offer a broad range of color from brilliant, bright tones to rich antique metals. Choose these colors for maximum shine and reflection. The Iridescent Antique colors are darker in tone for a rich patina. Use the Pearlescent colors for slightly softer effects. The remaining colors in the Iridescent line make up a full palette of vibrant, reflective color. You can mix these colors, as you would with a standard palette, and produce a range of neutral tones. Try incorporating iridescent colors in floral works for the natural sheen that many flowers possess. So many subjects benefit from a subtle sparkle. Landscapes, and seascapes in particular, become dynamic with light reflecting pigments.

Using Interference and Duochrome Colors Interference colors are made from mica, a naturally transparent mineral, that is coated with layers of a metal oxide. These paints are unique in their ability to refract and scatter light, creating a 3-D effect. Because they are light responsive, they work best mixed with other colors or painted over a dark surface. Try mixing them with your standard palette colors—they add depth and a shine that embodies their color name. Use Duochrome paint for color that shifts and changes as it is viewed from different angles.

DANIEL SMITH Water-Soluble Oil Color

Clean Up with Soap & Water

If you love the feel, control, and rich appearance of classic oil paints, but don't like the toxic solvents and tedious clean up, you will want to try our fantastic new paints. Vibrant, highly pigmented colors offer outstanding color strength, even when mixed with Titanium White.

All colors offer uniform drying times, buttery consistency, excellent brushing, and a beautiful surface appearance. Made in our Seattle manufacturing facility from the highest quality raw materials, they have the most finely ground pigments in any color line.

DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oil Colors can be thinned with water. Brushes and palettes clean up easily with soap and warm water. These new oil colors are made with the same quality and care as our Original Oil Colors but with a specially modified linseed oil binder.

Jim Mott test drove DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils!

Jeanne Mackenzie: Plein Air & Water-Soluble Oils!


DANIEL SMITH Original Oils | DANIEL SMITH Water-Soluble Oils