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When you choose DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine™ Watercolors, your work will benefit from the extensive research put into all of our materials. Our passion for color is only the beginning; the rest of the story is yours to tell.

Since we started making our Extra Fine Watercolors in 1993, customers have responded by telling us about their favorite colors and combinations. Although each artist's method of color selection is unique, most agree to start with basics, add strong secondary tones, and mix in unique and interesting favorites. Make sure you update your palette to suit the season or a special destination!




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DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors


There’s something deeply appealing about working with pigments that come from the earth, not from a lab. Made with pigments found in remote locations around the world, our exclusive PrimaTek colors have fascinating histories— and a rich, natural look that brings balance and beauty to your palette.

SLEEPING BEAUTY TURQUOISE GENUINE is a strong sky blue of amazing tonal richness. It’s made with gem-grade turquoise from Arizona’s famous Sleeping Beauty Mountain.

BLUE APATITE GENUINE, a dark sedimentary color, lets you create a beautiful range of blues from a single tube. In washes, brown settles out of the rich natural blue for memorable texture and contrast.

DIOPSIDE GENUINE, also known as Russian Emerald, brushes out evenly from deep green through clear Kelly green to palest mint. In washes, hints of brown mineral inclusions settle out, adding an earthy nuance perfect for landscape work.

TIGER’S EYE GENUINE, made from the light-refracting Burmese gemstone, is a neutral brown that creates beautiful textural effects.

KINGMAN GREEN TURQUOISE GENUINE, the classic blue-green of the fi nest Navajo turquoise, is a beautiful, low-staining paint that creates exquisite gradations of light and color.

RHODONITE GENUINE, mined in Germany, is a deep, clean pink that’s great for portraits and landscapes. Used wet into wet, it has a soft, smooth, transparent glow.

ZOISITE GENUINE adds textural interest to your paintings. A lush, primal green with a dark bottle-green granulating surface, it is mined in Austria.

DANIEL SMITH Luminescent

INTERFERENCE AND PEARLESCENT COLORS provide subtle luminosity and almost magical colorshifting effects. Made with microscopic transparent mica platelets coated with various thicknesses of titanium dioxide, Interference colors refract light in delicate tints of blue, copper, green, gold, lilac, red and silver. Applied to white paper, they’re virtually colorless, but when applied over a dark surface, they come alive with pale, shimmering color. Pearlescent colors offer a consistent, pearly shimmer without the light-shifting quality of the Interference colors. Mix the Interference and Pearlescent colors with standard tube colors to add a wonderful sense of depth, or apply them on top of dried color to give localized effects on subjects such as flower petals, shimmering water or plumage.

DUOCHROME COLORS offer rich, vibrant, three-dimensional color that actually changes colors when viewed from different angles. Depending on the reflective light, each bounces between two distinctive colors for pure visual excitement. Duochrome Tropic Sunrise, for example, shifts from the soft green of new palm leaves through the silvery sheen of the pre-dawn ocean to the coppery, redorange glow of the emerging sun. There are stunning blues and greens of Caribbean intensity. Pinks and violets that capture the sheen of petals. And radiant shades that recall Northern Lights, autumn woods or the subtle colors and dramatic light of the American Southwest. With a little experimentation, you’ll find that any of the Duochromes can illuminate, strengthen and enliven your palette.

IRIDESCENT COLORS are opaque, with a more pronounced shine than the Interference and Pearlescent colors. Their color is constant—not changing with viewing angle or light direction as with the Interference paints. Made with mica platelets coated with iron oxide, the Iridescents all have a pronounced sheen, and several of the colors have a coppery, golden or silvery luster. Try Iridescents on their own or mixed with standard colors for intriguing textural effects. We offer the regular Iridescent colors which are rich and saturated (Iridescent Electric Blue is a standout), and the Iridescent Antiques which are darker and moodier. Iridescent Scarab Red is a unique shimmering red that refracts a greenish sheen, almost like a Duochrome.


DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors