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Holiday Watercolor Cards

Susie Short Demonstrates How to Scratch and Scrape Trees in Snow on Watercolor Paper Holiday Cards

Holiday Cards

"Winter Scene" by Susie Short

Step 1
Wet the surface down for the trees, defining where you want the trees to meet the snow's edge. Drop color for the trees into the wet area.

Step 2

Step 2
While it is still wet, scratch twigs, or small branches in the wet area with a toothpick or something with a point. An empty ballpoint pen is ideal.

Step 3

Step 3
Allow your card to dry until the shine is almost gone, but it is still damp. Now you gently scrape the paint from the cards surface. In this example
I used a plastic credit card; the slanted end of some watercolor brushes works great too.

Step 4

Step 4
Allow to dry completely. Next, add some dry brush details, such as the darker bark, more branches, and some darker evergreens behind the white tree trunks. Shadows in the snow add drama and interest to the empty snow area.

TIP: Try painting a series of several cards in an assembly line fashion. Allow one card to dry while you work on another. By not rinsing your
brushes as often you save paint and time. No two cards will be alike.

Enjoy painting. Happy Holidays!

Susie Short

About the Author
Working with an unlimited palette, primarily in transparent watercolor, this versatile artist's skill and technique reflect an uplifting quality that captures the essence of a subject.

Her meticulously executed paintings cover a wide range of interests that includes traditionally realistic landscapes, floral, wildlife, cats, and at times, contemporary abstract nature patterns.

Susie attributes her passion for watercolor to Warren Hunter, her great uncle, who introduced her to this evasive medium. Fascinated by the challenge and spontaneity that watercolor offered, Susie eagerly sought training with many top watercolorists from across the U.S. A breadth of study with more than twenty well known artists over two decades have influenced and contributed to the development of her unique freedom of style.

Susie Short's watercolors have been selected and have merited numerous top awards in regional, national, and international competitions. Her paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions and are included in a growing number of private, public, and corporate collections world wide.

Susie's versatility and energetic dedication to learn and encourage others has made her popular among both art instructors and student artists. An enthusiastic teacher, Susie enjoys sharing her knowledge and love for watercolor by conducting art classes and workshops. She is also available for club demonstrations and lectures, and most recently has ventured into offering online instruction to afford others the opportunity to experience the wonder of watercolor.

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