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Daniel Smith Lithographic Support Products

Daniel Smith French Chalk (Talc). Used to dust the image area of lithographic plates and stones prior to printing.

Daniel Smith Rosin Powder. This quality grade of rosin has been ground to an extremely fine powder in Europe and is especially suitable for protecting lithographic image from strong etches. It contains a small amount of diluent to keep it from clumping. Note: Because of the diluent, this rosin is not recommended for aquatints in etching. Use lump rosin for that application.

Daniel Smith Pumice Powder. Made from volcanic ash, pumice powder is used as a mild abrasive on lithographic plates and stones.

Daniel Smith Carborundum Grits (Silicon Carbide). Through direct purchasing from the plant that produces these abrasives, we are able to offer you substantial savings. For quotes on drum prices, please email Customer Service at customer.service@danielsmith.com.

Daniel Smith Gum Arabic. Gum arabic is a natural gum collected from the acacia tree of North Africa. Gum arabic is used in many products, including foodstuffs, cosmetics and printing. Because the gum is a natural substance, the quality varies with the climate and soil conditions. In recent years, due to droughts in North Africa, there has been a shortage of gum arabic. The quality has been darker than in years past and also slightly more acidic. The grade we seel is 14° Baume and 100% pure.

Daniel Smith Roller and Plate Wash. This solvent extends the life of your rollers. Use in a well-ventilated area and handle with solvent-resistant gloves.

Daniel Smith Dancolite. We make this strong solvent ourselves. Use for washing-out drawing materials on lithographic plates and stones prior to putting them in lacquer. It is also an excellent degreaser and is used by etchers before applying an aquatint or ground. For dried inks on slabs and rollers, it is a good deglazer. For other applications, Dancolite replaces lacquer thinner. Use with good ventilation, an approved respirator and solvent-resistant gloves.

Daniel Smith Lithtotine. Prior to the development of lithotine, turpentine was used by lithographers. Now, lithotine is the traditional washing-out and general clean-up solvent for lithographers. This is a petroleum solvent and it contains a small amount of pine oil—which makes it smell like turpentine.