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Daniel Smith Lithographic Inks

Widely used in universities and private shops, Daniel Smith Lithographic Inks are the finest available.

Our excellent range of black litho inks were developed by Dan Smith specifically for artists. Our colored inks were modeled on those and are of equal quality. We modified the grind and viscosity of each color to obtain optimal printability—you'll especially like the tackiness and substantial body.

In choosing pigments, we wanted a warm and cool hue in the yellows, reds, blues, greens and violets, to provide complete versatility without redundant colors.

The pigments used are specified and on the labels. Our inks are extremely lightfast, a rarity in litho inks. Burnt plate oil and magnesium carbonate are the only two other components of our inks. They contain no driers.

DANIEL SMITH Lithographic Inks are available in: