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Daniel Smith Water-soluble Relief Inks

The first truly professional quality water-soluble ink. We spent years developing and testing various formulations before we came up with one that, in every respect, meets our standards for excellence and consistency from batch to batch. At last, you can enjoy the ease of printing with water-based ink and get the superior print quality you thought you could only get with oil-based inks.

Our water-soluble inks can be mixed with up to 20% water. Transparencies can be created by adding our WS Transparent Medium.

You can apply a much thinner layer of ink than is customary for water-soluble inks, eliminating over-inked prints and blurry edges. Significantly longer open time than that of competing inks allows you time to do more unusual printing techniques, such as double roll-ups for greater saturation. Once it sets, our ink is not reactivated by water. It's easy to clean up—no toxic solvents necessary, just soap and water.

Daniel Smith Water-Soluble Relief Inks are available in: