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Daniel Smith Oil-Based Relief Printing Inks

Daniel Smith relief inks are professional quality oil-based inks for woodblock, linoleum and intaglio relief printing. They are smooth and creamy, yielding crisp prints with a press or by hand. To reduce tack, which may be desirable for hand printing, add a small amount of Daniel Smith Miracle Gel Reducer. We add no drier to most of the colors, and less than .01% to a few. Ink applications can take up to seven days to dry, depending on the environmental conditions in your studio. For faster drying, you may add a small amount—no more than 5% by volume—of Cobalt Drier. Each of the 22 colors is made with pure burnt plate oil and the finest pigments. Transparencies can be made by adding our Transparent Medium. All 22 colors of Daniel Smith Oil-Based Relief Inks are individually available in 1/4 lb. and 1 lb. cans. Certain colors are available in 37 ml. and 150 ml. tubes: Burnt Umber, Carbazole Violet, Hansa Yellow, Permanent Green, Permanent Red, Phthalo Blue, Titanium White, Traditional Black #79 and our Transparent Medium. Economical 7-color sets are also available.

DANIEL SMITH Oil-Based Relief Printing Inks, available in: