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Daniel Smith Etching Grounds and Stop Outs

Daniel Smith Asphaltum Powder. Use this product to make your own asphaltum. The process is simple. Just add a petroleum solvent to the powder and let it stand for a few days. It will dissolve and can then be modified to a desired viscosity. Powdered asphaltum can also be used in its powdered stae for aquatinting.

Daniel Smith Lump Rosin. Filtered to remove impurities, our lump rosin reaches a consistent melting poimt. Use in an aquatint box or pulverize it for dispersal through a silk or cotton bag.

Daniel Smith Liquid Asphaltum. Our liquid asphaltum is heavy-bodied and ideal as an etching ground or for rubbing-up lithographic plates and stones. It thins and cleans with lithotine or mineral spirits. Be sure to use it in good ventilation.