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Favorite Daniel Smith Oil Colors

Daniel Smith Chemist, Ron Harmon Discusses some of our Favorite Daniel Smith Original™ Oil Colors

Chemist Ron Harmon

Unique colors are found throughout the Daniel Smith paint lines. Our chemist, Ron Harmon, has worked with the whole spectrum of pigments, including some not typically used in artists' paints, to produce a wide range of lightfast colors with unique properties. Here's a little more information about some of our favorite Daniel Smith Original Oils.

This mixture of alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue and viridian creates a beautiful neutral violet ideal for shadows. It has a subdued, delicate intensity.

The rich wine color is made from an azo pigment and is ideal for glazing. Mixed with white, it makes a spectacular pink.

Quinizarin Maroon
This very dark, inky violet becomes a rich purple when mixed with glazing medium and a gorgeous glowing lavender when mixed with white.

Organic Vermilion
Semi-transparent with a scarlet-orange undertone, it yields a warm peach color when mixed with white.

Raw Umber Violet
Made by mixing raw umber with quinacridone violet, this rich, deep maroon produces clear, deep glazes and has a purple undertone valuable for shadows.

Light Blue Violet
This neutral mixed blue is an excellent foil for bright colors and is also useful for skies and water.