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Creative Calligraphy Techniques

Learn Creative Calligraphy Techniques - Integrate Artwork and Calligraphy for Dramatic Effects

Calligraphy art

Letters can be used to adorn all kinds of objects or as an intriguing element incorporated into artwork.

We used a lightbox to trace an elaborate K from a clip art book of ornamental alphabets onto a sheet of Twinrocker Calligraphy Cream. This paper is a little heavy to be ideal for tracing, but its beautiful surface compensated for the slight difficulty involved. A .01-tip Pigma Micron pen worked very well for the intricate linework. Once the lettering was completed, we glued the Twinrocker paper to a sheet of decorative paper, then glued that to a canvas covered sketchbook. Calligraphy Cream is receptive to various media, and could be decorated further with watercolors, pencils or colored pens.