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Cut Professional-Looking Mats with Ease

Vivian C. Kistler's How to Cut Mats Book Shows You How to Cut Professional-Looking Mats with Ease

Vivian C. Kistler's book, How to Cut Mats is a great introduction to the abilities of the Logan Mat Cutters shown on these pages. Kistler's clear demonstrations and professional tips teach you to how to cut perfect mats easily and quickly. The decorative mats shown here were cut from Crescent Mat Boards following the step-by-step directions in the book.


Clockwise from upper left:

Double Mat with Offset Corners. Corner details add interest to this bold mat, cut from Newport Blue and White mat boards.

Double Mat. A White mat is accented with a Chinese Red inner mat which picks up the color of the artwork.

Gothic Mat. Cut from Black mat board, the arched top highlights the main figure, lending additional drama to this vintage photograph.

Oval Mat. A snap to cut with the Logan Oval and Circle Mat Cutter, an oval mat cut from Newport Blue gives this watercolor a soft, nostalgic presentation.

V-Grooved Mat. V-Grooves can be cut from a solid color board to give a tone-on-tone shadow line or from a black core board (Mist Gray) for contrast.

How to Cut Mats
Written by Vivian C. Kistler, a nationally known Certified Professional Framer, this book shows how to cut many different styles of mats using popular Logan cutters including the 301 Compact, the 401 Intermediate, the 750 Simplex Plus, the 201 Oval and Circle Cutter and the 703 Simplex V-Groover. Styles shown include single and double mats, off-set corners, V-Grooves and gothic mats.