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Create Your Own Custom Look with Daniel Smith Raw Maple Frames

Learn How to Create Your Own Custom Look with Daniel Smith Raw Maple Frames

custom frames

1. Keep Painting
Continue your composition onto and around the face of the frame or create a painted frame that complements or picks up colors or elements of the painting.

2. Metal Leafing
Here, we painted the frame first with Red Oxide Golden Heavy Body Acrylic and allowed that to dry. Then we brushed on Daniel Smith Quick Sizing, let that sit for an hour to get tacky, and applied Composition Gold Leaf. Complete directions for this process can be found in the Metal Leafing Inkspot on this Web site. Or give us a call and request our Technical Leaflet 0000550 on Metal Leafing. The leaflet also discusses Water Gilding.

3. Oil Rub
Squeeze out some Daniel Smith Original Oils in your choice of color (here, we used Pyrrol Red). Pick some up on a rag or paper towel and rub it evenly over the wood to create a very thin glaze of oil color. Allow to dry thoroughly and finish with an oil-based varnish if desired. For smooth painted finishes, use standard acrylic paints such as Createx Multi-Surface or Golden Heavy Body, thinned with water and Golden Flow Releaser. Golden UVLS Varnish, also thinned with water and Flow Releaser makes an excellent finish for painted finishes. Choose Matte or Gloss (or mix the two thoroughly) for the finish look you prefer.

4. Faux Pickled Finish
Mix up a thin solution of acrylic, water and flow releaser in a soft off white color. Brush it onto your frame, then wipe it off with a paper towel. Try Golden Molding Paste either in thinly brushed or thick, sculptural applications. Let it dry overnight before painting.

5. Striated Finish
Brush Molding Paste across the face of the style 5900 frame for a subtle "raw silk" texture. Paint with undiluted Golden Iridescent Silver Acrylic. For a gunmetal patina, brush on a thin mixture of Payne's Gray, water and Flow Releaser, then wipe it off with a paper towel.

6. Sculpted Finish
Load on Molding Paste with a painting knife, then "sculpt" it with a brush handle or other tool. Work as loosely or tightly as you choose, using flowing or geometric shapes. We finished the frame with two undiluted coats of Daniel Smith Gold Luminescent Acrylic.

7. Pigment Finish
For a colorful matte finish which reveals the wood grain, apply Createx Pure Pigments (Hansa Yellow here) straight from the jar with a soft brush. Finish with matte varnish.

Thanks to Julian Jackson Fine Custom Framing of Brooklyn, New York for advice on these painted finishes.