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What is Quinacridone? PrimaTek? Luminescent?
Our Price: $85.56-$94.48
From  $85.56ex VAT$87.27inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH offers high-quality watercolors, many with properties you won't find elsewehere. These include our Quinacridones, Luminescents and PrimaTek color  Learn More
Mix Collage and Watercolor - A Demonstration
Our Price: $8.95-$75.25
From  $8.95ex VAT$9.13inc VAT
This collage demonstration, “Wired”, mixes wood, decorative paper, old maps, pins and string, creating an unusual collection of materials held together by a watercolor painting. Let  Learn More
Ask The Experts - A PrimaTek Panel Discussion
Our Price: $64.10-$95.43
From  $64.10ex VAT$65.38inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH released Lapis Lazuli Genuine watercolor in 1998 and artists were introduced to PrimaTek® pigments. Since then, this line of natural mineral paint has grown to 38 colors and has  Learn More
Create Bright Interior Murals
Our Price: $6.59-$179.95
From  $6.59ex VAT$6.72inc VAT
Joanne Wasserman explores her ideas and techniques for creating bright, large-scale interior murals Joan Wasserman's mural for the Leona Bowman Center for Community Health Nursing was  Learn More
The Pleasures of Painting on Claybord
Our Price: $6.59-$179.95
From  $6.59ex VAT$6.72inc VAT
Having used practically every medium and support available in the last thirty years, I now paint with one medium -- acrylic -- on one support -- Claybord. This pH neutral, acid-free surface gives firm support  Learn More
Creating an Antique Surface on Ampersand Gessobord
Our Price: $9.89-$82.50
From  $9.89ex VAT$10.09inc VAT
Experimenting with Daniel Smith Gesso, I hit upon this easy layering technique which gives the effect of an aged patina or old gold leaf and works well with my figurative work. Ampersand's Gessobord is prepared  Learn More
Ask The Experts - A PrimaTek Panel Discussion
Our Price: $64.10-$95.43
From  $64.10ex VAT$65.38inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH released Lapis Lazuli Genuine watercolor in 1998 and artists were introduced to PrimaTek® pigments. Since then, this line of natural mineral paint has grown to 38 colors and has  Learn More
Packing to Paint: Scott Burdick Outlines Four Options for taking Art Materials on Your Travels
Our Price: $6.25-$18.65
From  $6.25ex VAT$6.38inc VAT
So you've gotten the trip of your dreams arranged to Tibet, Italy, or maybe just across the state; then comes the dilemma -- what kind of painting equipment to bring? I'm constantly asked this question, and  Learn More
Small Beauties of Everyday: Oils on Gessobord
Our Price: $3.35-$1,338.11
From  $3.35ex VAT$3.42inc VAT
I paint exclusively with oils on Ampersand’s 2' Deep Cradled Gessobord™. I used to have my painting panels made for me by a friend, and although they were good quality, I could never get the ultra-smooth  Learn More
How To: Basics of Painting Fur
Our Price: $14.31-$357.10
From  $14.31ex VAT$14.60inc VAT
When painting most fur patterns, you want to start with an opaque background of a medium value color. This medium value color should be in accordance with the overall coloring of your subject. Once applied,  Learn More
How to: Give Dimension to Objects
Our Price: $100.54-$248.13
From  $100.54ex VAT$102.55inc VAT
What creates the illusion of dimension for objects in a painting? What gives reality to shapes and items in an airbrush painting? The answer to both questions is shading, the cast shadow or the implied  Learn More
How to: Quick Sketch Portrait
Our Price: $14.31-$251.22
From  $14.31ex VAT$14.60inc VAT
A simple preliminary study-sketch will be executed in five basic sections. It has always been a challenge to express more life and beauty within a painting than is possible with photography. It amounts to  Learn More
Graphite with a New Look
Our Price: $1.15-$25.55
From  $1.15ex VAT$1.17inc VAT
Rock Newcomb Explores Graphite On Claybord for a New Look During the past decade, I have worked with many mediums and surfaces (supports). Claybord Smooth™ is the one  Learn More
Wax-Based Colored Pencils
Our Price: $1.14-$12.70
From  $1.14ex VAT$1.16inc VAT
Working bigger, bolder, faster with Wax-based Colored Pencils - A Demonstration by Vera Curnow Control is the operative word for colored pencils. Clean, cheap, and portable, there are  Learn More
Cityscape Drawing: step-by-step
Our Price: $7.50-$48.69
From  $7.50ex VAT$7.65inc VAT
A Step by Step Demonstration of how to Draw a Cityscape by Patrick Williams My preliminary drawings are always done in a sketchbook. I carry one with me where ever I go. It s a great  Learn More
The Magic of Etching
Our Price: $7.19-$129.59
From  $7.19ex VAT$7.33inc VAT
Whether painting, sculpting, drawing, or printing, all methods or media can strengthen one another, and perhaps a respite from one will enrich another-and vice versa. Two bonuses of etching are that one  Learn More
Watercolors as a Background for Safety-Kut Prints
Our Price: $0.66-$46.79
From  $0.66ex VAT$0.67inc VAT
1. Start with an original drawing. If it's drawn in soft pencil, you can turn it face down on a Safety-Kut Soft Printmaking Block and transfer it by rubbing. If you'd like to keep the original drawing intact,  Learn More
Handmade Card Project
Our Price: $2.33-$18.32
From  $2.33ex VAT$2.38inc VAT
Make your holiday cards unique with a shimmery, 3-D star! Follow these step-by-step instructions for a fun Holiday printing  Learn More
Capturing an Expansive Sky with Pastels
Our Price: $23.59-$117.98
From  $23.59ex VAT$24.06inc VAT
Diana Randolph Demonstrates her Technique for Capturing an Expansive Sky with Pastels When in the car or walking my dog I often bring my camera with me to capture nature's surprises-a  Learn More
Oil Pastels:  A Technique Demonstration

Our Price: $1.98-$12.91
From  $1.98ex VAT$2.02inc VAT
Carly Clements Shares her Techniques Using Oil Pastels in 'Toccoa River Reflections' In this demonstration I'll share several of the techniques I use when creating an oil pastel  Learn More
Telling a Story with Pastels
Our Price: $94.24-$311.23
From  $94.24ex VAT$96.12inc VAT
Telling a Story with Pastels: An Artistic Dramatization by Carole Katchen People think that storytelling is only done with words, but you can also tell a story in a picture. To  Learn More
Stencil Wooden Frames with Acrylic Paint
Our Price: $2.99-$16.50
From  $2.99ex VAT$3.05inc VAT
Start with a pre-made Woodbury Matte Black frame. First, mask the frame’s outside and inside edges. Starting at the top right corner and centering the tape on the corner’s point, lay a strip of 1' masking tape  Learn More
Stencil Artwork on T-Shirts Using Fabric Inks

Our Price: $2.90-$19.79
From  $2.90ex VAT$2.96inc VAT
Make your very own screen-printed shirts to wear or give! The Speedball Standard Fabric Screen Printing Kit makes it surprisingly easy—and while you have the supplies out, how about making some  Learn More
Decorate Moleskine Cahiers with InkJet Transfers
Our Price: $3.99
From  $3.99ex VAT$4.07inc VAT
Mimic the look of a rubber stamp! Print an image onto non-absorbent paper, then transfer it onto the surface of your choice while the ink is still wet. We used the Moleskine Cahiers; you could also print  Learn More