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Sennelier Soft Pastel, Wood Box Set of 250 Colors
Our Price: $897.50
From  $897.50ex VAT$915.45inc VAT
Made by hand since 1900, Sennelier extra-fine soft pastels are an artist's dream. They are water soluble and have an have  Learn More
Sennelier Soft Pastel, 120 Half Stick, Black Wood Box Set

Our Price: $167.00
From  $167.00ex VAT$170.34inc VAT
Half Stick Soft Pastels The half stick size is valued as much for being sturdy as it is for being economical. Its strength enables it to withstand extensive handling and traveling. The low price point  Learn More
Sennelier Soft Pastels 48-color Landscape Set
Our Price: $221.21
From  $221.21ex VAT$225.63inc VAT
Sennelier Soft Pastels 48-color Landscape Set Handmade with brilliant, lightfast pigments combined with natural binders. They contain no fillers, no clay and are air-dried to an extremely smooth,  Learn More
Sennelier Oil Pastel 24 Piece Set

Our Price: $64.14
From  $64.14ex VAT$65.42inc VAT
These creamy, lipstick-like pastels in the Sennelier Oil Pastel 24 Piece Set were created in the 1940s in collaboration with Picasso, and are richly pigmented, opaque, acid-free and highly lightfast. They can be  Learn More
Sennelier Oil Pastel, Wood Box Set of 120 Colors
Our Price: $314.74
From  $314.74ex VAT$321.03inc VAT
Picasso himself chose the first 48 original colors, including eight distinct grays. Metallic and iridescent colors were added in the 1980s. Sennelier again expanded its colors in 2003, and this luxury wood box  Learn More
Sennelier Extra Fine Oil Pastel Portrait Set, 24 Color
Price$80.17Save:$16.03 (20%)
Our Price: $64.14
From  $64.14ex VAT$65.42inc VAT
Sennelier Extra Fine Oil Pastels are the creamiest of all professional brands. Sensual, lightfast, luminous and intense, they have great opacity and covering power. Henri Sennelier created them  Learn More