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Protective Goggles
Our Price: $11.74
From  $11.74ex VAT$11.97inc VAT
Recommended when working with acids or doing any other potentially hazardous procedures. The clear polycarbonate lenses protect the eyes from impact, dust and chemical splash and contain an anti-fogger. The goggles  Learn More
Caustic Resist Apparel Nitrile Gloves, Medium
Our Price: $3.99
From  $3.99ex VAT$4.07inc VAT
Choose these gloves for handling strong chemicals. The Nitrile gloves are .017 thick and 12-1/2' long. They provide protection from harsh solvents, acids, caustics, greases, oils, petroleum products and alkali  Learn More
Respirator Mask Replacement Cartridges, 2-pack
Our Price: $24.03
From  $24.03ex VAT$24.51inc VAT
This professional-quality, soft rubber respirator is recommended for use with dry pigments and solvents. Its double cartridges have also been approved for organic vapors, paint, lacquer and enamel mists, and  Learn More
Jack's Linseed Studio Soap, 8.5 oz
Our Price: $9.49
From  $9.49ex VAT$9.68inc VAT
Jack's Linseed Studio Soap is great for cleaning brushes, hands, floors, work surfaces and more. Made from naturally refined linseed oil, this non-toxic blend of natural cleaners also conditions brushes. 8.5oz.  Learn More
Marvelous Marianne's SavvySoap Hand Cleaner with Scrubbers, Gallon with Pump
Our Price: $30.96
From  $30.96ex VAT$31.58inc VAT
Marvelous Marianne's SavvySoap Brush & Hand Cleaner cleans brushes, saves hands and is environmentally friendly. The smooth gel all-natural formula thoroughly cleans, unlike turpentine or other cleaners. Quickly,  Learn More
Masters Mini Survival Kit
Our Price: $7.64
From  $7.64ex VAT$7.79inc VAT
Masters Mini Survival Kit This handy clean up kit contains 'The Masters Hand Soap, 'The Masters Brush Cleaner' and 'Kiss-Off' stain remover.  Learn More
Artograph 1530 Spray Booth
Our Price: $513.18
From  $513.18ex VAT$523.44inc VAT
The Artograph 1530 Hobby Model Spray Booth is a unique spray system ideal for the model builder or designer. Used by Crafters, Hobbyist, Model Builders and Designers and more. The 15' x 30' (38 x 76 cm) spray booth  Learn More
Artograph 1520 Spray Booth, Small
Our Price: $306.18
From  $306.18ex VAT$312.30inc VAT
The Artograph 1520 Standard Spray Booth is an efficient booth for small spaces and tight budgets, the 1520 accommodates flat or 3-D objects. The 15' x 20' (38 x 51 cm) work surface features a three-stage filter  Learn More