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Japanese Paper Sampler, 16 assorted sheets. 16 in x 20 in and 31 in x 43 in
Our Price: $59.78
From  $59.78ex VAT$60.98inc VAT
Try 16 different types of Japanese papers in a variety of colors and textures. Sheet sizes range from 16' x 20' to 31' x 43' and weigh 30–86 gm/m2. We will substitute comparable papers if any are unavailable.  Learn More
Sumi Painting Paper Unryu Roll, 11in x 60ft
Our Price: $19.05
From  $19.05ex VAT$19.43inc VAT
Sumi Painting Paper Unryu Roll is a long scroll of strong, bright white Unryu paper. Machine-made in Japan, it is an economical surface for sumi painting and  Learn More
Awagami Bamboo Paper
Our Price: $6.78
From  $6.78ex VAT$6.92inc VAT
Awagami Bamboo is a fine (and organic!) choice for artists and photographers alike exhibiting notable benefits and advantages over cotton based papers. This dense but soft medium was originally developed  Learn More
Interleaving, 45gm/m2, 25" x 38", 100 Sheet Pack
Our Price: $52.50
From  $52.50ex VAT$53.55inc VAT
This is a thin, lightweight paper, acid-free and buffered. Interleaving can be used to protect artwork in storage, both matted and unmatted. Interleaving is not combinable with other papers for quantity  Learn More
Rives BFK, Heavyweight, 280gsm, 22" x 30", Gray, 10 Pack
Our Price: $37.00
From  $37.00ex VAT$37.74inc VAT
Besides the difference in weight, BFK Heavyweight sheets are sized a little more heavily than the standard BFK. This paper is recommended for large prints of all media and for drawing and painting. The Gray and  Learn More
Strathmore Printmaking Paper
Printmaking is a growing artform, attracting a wide variety of artists. Yet there is no complete line of printmaking papers to meet the range of needs from beginners to professionals…until now.  Learn More
Arches Cover Paper, 300gsm, White, 52" x 10yd Roll
Our Price: $120.89
From  $120.89ex VAT$123.31inc VAT
A favorite of printmakers and other artists, Arches Cover is a very versatile paper. It is suitable for all hand-printing processes, and is also preferred by many pastelists and mixed media artists. Mouldmade  Learn More
Rives BFK White Paper, 300gsm Sized, 42in x 10yd Roll
Our Price: $128.74
From  $128.74ex VAT$131.31inc VAT
BFK works well for printmaking, monoprinting and drawing. Mouldmade in France at the Arches mill, it is 100% cotton, acid-free and buffered. The sized rolls contain the same paper which is used in Rives BFK  Learn More
Rising Stonehenge Paper, White, 250gsm, 50in x 10yd Roll
Our Price: $118.40
From  $118.40ex VAT$120.77inc VAT
Stonehenge is a 100% cotton, acid-free paper used for all types of printmaking as well as for drawing and painting. It can withstand a high embossment without tearing or creasing. Machine-made in the  Learn More
Fabriano Rosaspina Heavyweight Paper

Our Price: $2.51
From  $2.51ex VAT$2.56inc VAT
A splendid intaglio and general printmaking paper. Its sumptuously soft finish is ideal for deep etching and aquatint or for use as an upscale drawing paper. Mouldmade in Italy, Rossapina is 60% cotton  Learn More
Domestic Etching Paper
Our Price: $1.43-$2.88
From  $1.43ex VAT$1.46inc VAT
Domestic Etching is a 50% cotton, machine-made paper. It is warm white in color, acid-free, and has 4 cut edges. It is excellent for intaglio printing, fine book editions and drawing.  Learn More
Rising Stonehenge Paper
Our Price: $1.71-$4.25
From  $1.71ex VAT$1.74inc VAT
Stonehenge is a 100% cotton, acid-free paper used for all types of printmaking as well as for drawing and painting. It can withstand a high embossment without tearing or creasing.  Learn More