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Original Oil Mediums

  • DANIEL SMITH Cold Pressed Linseed Oil
    The purist grade of natural oil, cold pressed linseed oil is paler in color and less yellowing than hot pressed or solvent extracted oils and also makes a stronger ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH Refined Linseed Oil
    Its ability to add gloss and transparency, as well as yield a tough, durable paint film has made linseed oil the most popular binder in oil paint for nearly five centuries. It may cause some yellowing with ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH Stand Oil, 8 oz
    Stand oil, thicker than Linseed oil, causes oil colors to flow out as they dry, leaving minimal brush strokes. Stand oil is an unsuitable vehicle for making oil paint, but it makes an excellent painting and ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH Oil and Alkyd Painting Medium
    DANIEL SMITH Painting Medium for Oils and Alkyds—Our low-odor alkyd-based medium is quick drying, non-yellowing and increases the transparency and flexibility of oil colors. It also reduces drying ...
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