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Prestige Nylon Canvas Brush Holder
Our Price: $9.48
From  $9.48ex VAT$9.67inc VAT
Prestige Brush Holder is made of padded black nylon, the easel secures with Velcro but is open at the edges, allowing air to circulate around the bristles. It folds into a tent shape  Learn More
Oval Wooden Palette, 10 in x 14 in
Our Price: $6.57
From  $6.57ex VAT$6.70inc VAT
Keep your paint right at hand. Our natural wood palettes are well-crafted traditional tools for oil painters. Three sizes and shapes are available, all constructed of durable birch plywood, with sanded edges and  Learn More
Itty Bitties Canvas and Easel Set
Our Price: $7.99
From  $7.99ex VAT$8.15inc VAT
A mini match made in heaven - two tiny easels showcasing two tiny canvases in one itty bitty box! Create and display Lilliputian masterpieces with the mini canvases and easels in this itty set. It features two 3  Learn More
Winsor & Newton Pre-Stretched Cotton Canvas
Our Price: $2.50-$19.19
From  $2.50ex VAT$2.55inc VAT
High-quality, ready to paint and sold in twin packs, Winsor & Newton Universal Artists’ Canvas is coated with acrylic primers to accept oil, acrylic and alkyds on a medium grain surface that creates a variety  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Artists' Big Bag
Our Price: $22.45
From  $22.45ex VAT$22.90inc VAT
A BIG practical bag The Daniel Smith Artists' Big Bag is room enough to hold all your supplies. Made of strong canvas, vinyl-coated on the inside, its most exciting feature is a 2' high, 18' x 14' pocket on the  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH 14-pocket Brush Portfolio
Our Price: $11.99
From  $11.99ex VAT$12.23inc VAT
The DANIEL SMITH Brush Portfolio protects brushes two ways: first, the holder's rigid outer sides are covered with water-resistant nylon and closed with a full-length nylon zipper. Second, brush handles  Learn More
Winsor & Newton Artists' Oil Color Suitcase Set

Our Price: $112.49
From  $112.49ex VAT$114.74inc VAT
Ready for that next trip! You will be with this fantastic Winsor & Newton Professional Suitcase Set. Packaged in a wooden box with that well-travelled look, protective corners, and handle.  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Platinum Long Handled Faux Mongoose Brush Set, 5pc
Our Price: $38.79
From  $38.79ex VAT$39.57inc VAT
About Our High Quality Synthetic Brushes. The newest innovations in synthetic fibers combine with traditional handcrafted construction to create the most natural feeling synthetic available. Advanced nylon  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Pearlescent and Duochrome 37ml Oil 5-Tube Set
Our Price: $44.45
From  $44.45ex VAT$45.34inc VAT
Used alone or mixed into standard colors, DANIEL SMITH Luminescent colors create striking effects of light and color. Minuscule particles of titanium-coated mica are the secret. Different size particles and  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH 6-Tube Cadmium Oil Replacement Set

DANIEL SMITH 6-Tube Cadmium Oil Replacement Set

 Regular Price $194.33, Save $75.88!
Our Price: $118.45
From  $118.45ex VAT$120.82inc VAT
To make better, safer alternatives colors for Artists - the new Cadmium Hues have increased opacity and greater vibrancy, without the potential toxicity associated with Cadmiums. Cadmium colors. developed in  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oil 37ml, 9-Tube Set

DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oil 37ml, 9-Tube Set

 Regular Price $136.62, Save $66.67!
Our Price: $69.95
From  $69.95ex VAT$71.35inc VAT
Get started with DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils with this specially priced set. Our Water Soluble Oils are highly pigmented, artist quality oil paints because they are made with the exact same formulas as our  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek® Oil Color Set 2, 5 Tube Set
Our Price: $64.10
From  $64.10ex VAT$65.38inc VAT
Unique Colors made with authentic mineral pigments. Certain colors have captured the imagination of artists for hundreds or even thousands of years. Our exclusive PrimaTek colors are made from naturally occurring  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Landscape 16 Tube Set

DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Landscape 16 Tube Set

 Regular Price $203.08, Save $50.74!
Our Price: $152.34
From  $152.34ex VAT$155.39inc VAT
Special Daniel Smith - Landscape Oil Set Set Includes 16-37 ml tubes of Daniel Smith Original Oils: Yellow Light, Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Naples Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Orange Hue, Cadmium Red Scarlet  Learn More
Richeson Maestro Easel
Our Price: $427.63
From  $427.63ex VAT$436.18inc VAT
The Maestro is a tubular steel studio easel with clean, functional styling and excellent stability. Its weight and durability make it perfect for heavy use. The optional side shelf accessory (sold seperately)  Learn More
Caravaggio Primed Italian Canvas Rolls
Our Price: $142.86-$1,195.92
From  $142.86ex VAT$145.72inc VAT
Europe's top acrylic primed canvas. Caravaggio cottons and linens have been milled in Verese, Italy for over 30 years.  Learn More