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Logan 850 Platinum Edge Mat Cutter
Our Price: $749.98
From  $749.98ex VAT$764.98inc VAT
The all-new Logan 850 40 inch (101.6 cm) Platinum Edge mat cutter is a professional level, heavy duty production mat cutter for use by framers or high production  Learn More
Logan 650-1 Framer's Edge Elite Mat Cutter
Our Price: $549.00
From  $549.00ex VAT$559.98inc VAT
The Logan 650-1 Framer's Edge Elite Mat Cutter includes a fully scaled squaring angle that holds mats perfectly square, with a stop which makes sizing boards quick and precise. The Teflon-coated cutting bar  Learn More
Logan Simplex Elite Mat Cutters
Our Price: $375.96-$452.96
From  $375.96ex VAT$383.48inc VAT
The Logan Simplex Elite 750-1 and 760-1 Mat Cutters are complete studio tools for artists and photographers alike. They provide quality and ease of use and can size mat board, foam board, trim paper  Learn More
Rising Museum Board, 2 ply and 4 ply

Our Price: $1.35-$4.93
From  $1.35ex VAT$1.38inc VAT
Rising Museum Board is acid-free and neutral pH ground in 2 ply. For mounting or framing when permanence is a primary consideration, we suggest using Museum Board. Rising manufactures one of the  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Single Mats, Pre Cut with Backing, 5 Packs

Our Price: $4.71-$39.43
From  $4.71ex VAT$4.80inc VAT
Protect your artwork with these high quality archival mats. They're ideal for photographers, watercolorists and printmakers. They're also great for quick display of memorabilia such as postcards or cherished  Learn More