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Kinwashi Decorative Japanese Paper, White, 30gsm, 24 in x 36 in
Our Price: $4.76
From  $4.76ex VAT$4.86inc VAT
Usually used for decorative purposes, Kinwashi is machine made from manila fibers. The sheet is smooth n one side and textured on the other with straw-like vegetable fibers. It is translucent and acid-free. ***  Learn More
Mingeishi Awagami Kozo Paper, Pure White, 45gsm, 25 in x 37 in
Our Price: $7.18
From  $7.18ex VAT$7.32inc VAT
Mingeishi Awagami Paper - Pure White Wonderful for printmaking, this handmade Japanese paper is acid-free and made with kozo fiber. Lightweight, but strong and long-fibered, it has 4 natural deckle edges.  Learn More
Masa Japanese Paper, 70gsm, 21 in x 31 in
Our Price: $1.18
From  $1.18ex VAT$1.20inc VAT
Used as an inexpensive sumi, printmaking, marbling and fine letterpress paper, Masa is a soft, white paper with the traditional absorbency and feel of handmade Japanese papers. Machine-made in Japan from  Learn More
Awagami Bamboo Paper
Our Price: $6.78
From  $6.78ex VAT$6.92inc VAT
Awagami Bamboo is a fine (and organic!) choice for artists and photographers alike exhibiting notable benefits and advantages over cotton based papers. This dense but soft medium was originally developed  Learn More
Awagami Unryu 2 Soushi Paper, 81gsm, 43-1/4 in x 26 in
Our Price: $6.33
From  $6.33ex VAT$6.46inc VAT
Unryu 2 Soushi by Awagami This 2-ply paper features prominent fibers, yet still allows for printing impressions without lifting the surface. Machine-made from kozo/sulphite pulp, it is white and  Learn More
Awagami Kinwashi Paper, 25 in x 38 in, 39gsm
Our Price: $5.85
From  $5.85ex VAT$5.97inc VAT
Kinwashi by Awagami Patterned with long swirling fibers set in a creamy natural paper, Kinwashi is great for printing and printmaking, painting and digital printing, as well as shoji screens, lampshades,  Learn More
Sumi Painting Paper Unryu Roll, 11in x 60ft
Our Price: $19.05
From  $19.05ex VAT$19.43inc VAT
Sumi Painting Paper Unryu Roll is a long scroll of strong, bright white Unryu paper. Machine-made in Japan, it is an economical surface for sumi painting and  Learn More
Japanese Paper Sampler, 16 assorted sheets. 16 in x 20 in and 31 in x 43 in
Our Price: $59.78
From  $59.78ex VAT$60.98inc VAT
Try 16 different types of Japanese papers in a variety of colors and textures. Sheet sizes range from 16' x 20' to 31' x 43' and weigh 30–86 gm/m2. We will substitute comparable papers if any are unavailable.  Learn More