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Alvin Compass Ruler, 12 in

Our Price: $14.36
From  $14.36ex VAT$14.65inc VAT
Solves the problem of making perfect large circles up to 24in in diameter. This beam compass attaches to any yardstick and automatically shows figures for the radius, circumference and area of any circle in inches  Learn More
C-Thru Flexible Stainless Steel Ruler, 24in

Our Price: $6.00
From  $6.00ex VAT$6.12inc VAT
C-Thru Flexible Stainless Steel Ruler 24' C-Thru Flexible Stainless Steel Rulers are classic drafting tools that also make great straightedges for cutting. Backed with non-skid cork, they are marked in  Learn More
Tombow Mono Multi Liquid Glue
Price$3.99Save:$0.80 (20%)
Our Price: $3.19
From  $3.19ex VAT$3.25inc VAT
This acid-free glue bonds in two ways. Use glue wet for permanent bonds or allow it to dry for self-sticking, repositionable bonds. Non-toxic and washable, it comes in a double-ended dispenser with both fine  Learn More
Yes Paste, Pint

Our Price: $10.80
From  $10.80ex VAT$11.02inc VAT
Yes! Paste is an all-purpose arts and crafts glue, designed for high performance in a wide range of applications. Yes! Paste will not wrinkle or curl delicate or lightweight materials due to its low water  Learn More
Yasutomo Nori Rice Paste, 1.84oz Squeeze Bottle

Our Price: $1.89
From  $1.89ex VAT$1.93inc VAT
Yasutomo Nori Rice Paste is an excellent glue for all paper projects. It dries clear and will not discolor or soak through even delicate paper or fabrics. It dries slowly to allow repositioning, is  Learn More
Economy Artists Tape, 1/2 in x 60 yds

Our Price: $4.67
From  $4.67ex VAT$4.76inc VAT
Economy Artists Tape An opaque white, smooth tape for matting, to attach flaps for mechanicals, for holding artwork to drawing boards, and so forth. It peels off easily without leaving a residue and is easy  Learn More
Mono Glue Tape Temp Refill

Our Price: $2.50
From  $2.50ex VAT$2.55inc VAT
Tombow Monoadhesive Temporary-Removeable Refill Tape for the compact, refillable applicator that dispenses a strip of clear glue quickly, cleanly, and easily. The acid-free adhesive strip is 5/16' x 39 feet  Learn More
Masking Tape, 1 in x 60 yds
Price$3.39Save:$0.68 (20%)
Our Price: $2.71
From  $2.71ex VAT$2.76inc VAT
Has a crepe paper backing and is engineered for good adhesion. High Tack. Great Value.  Learn More
Watercolor Tape, 2in x 60yd, Kraft

Our Price: $6.00
From  $6.00ex VAT$6.12inc VAT
Available in kraft or white, this is the standard 2-inch wide tape used in stretching watercolor paper. Moisten with a sponge prior to application. (Not intended for framing or other permanent  Learn More