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Jacquard Pre-Reduced Indigo

Our Price: $32.19
From  $32.19ex VAT$32.83inc VAT
Luscious indigo color in an easy to use form! The blue so vibrant it has its own place on a rainbow's spectrum. Natural indigo requires a chemical reduction of sodium hydrosulfite and lye to create a working  Learn More
Jacquard Tie-Dye Kit

Our Price: $13.97
From  $13.97ex VAT$14.25inc VAT
Suitable for all ages, this kit is a super way to get started making the groovy tees you love! Just supply the shirts and everything else you need is included, including three pre-mixed colors of Procion  Learn More
Jacquard iDye
Price$3.59Save:$1.08 (30%)
Our Price: $2.51
From  $2.51ex VAT$2.56inc VAT
Get rich, vibrant color the easy way! Dyeing fabric has never been easier. iDye comes in a packet that dissolves in water - no handling of messy dye powders. You can use iDye for natural fabrics with a top  Learn More
Versatex Screen Printing Inks for Fabric and Paper, 16oz Jars

Our Price: $7.69
From  $7.69ex VAT$7.84inc VAT
Versatex Screen Printing Inks for Fabric and Paper are water-based, non-toxic, permanent, lightfast, and clean up with soap and water. These ready-to-use inks are ideal for silk screening, block printing,  Learn More
Versatex Screen Printing Inks for Fabric and Paper, 1 Gallon Jars

Our Price: $36.18
From  $36.18ex VAT$36.90inc VAT
Versatex Screen Printing Inks for Fabric and Paper are water-based, non-toxic, permanent, lightfast and clean up with soap and water. These ready-to-use inks are ideal for silk screening, block printing  Learn More
Jacquard Gutta Resist, 4oz

Our Price: $4.61-$8.39
From  $4.61ex VAT$4.70inc VAT
Resist is used to draw the outline of an image on silk. Used with liquid dyes, Jacquard's Gutta stops the flow of dye at the resist lines. Gutta Resist is made from natural Gutta Percha which produces the  Learn More
Jacquard Microcrystalline Wax, 1lb

Our Price: $4.89
From  $4.89ex VAT$4.99inc VAT
This pharmaceutical grade granular white beeswax is filtered, not bleached. It is the main ingredient for encaustic paint. It can be used alone but when mixed with Damar Resin will become harder, more  Learn More
Jacquard Soy Wax, 1lb
Price$4.99Save:$1.50 (30%)
Our Price: $3.49
From  $3.49ex VAT$3.56inc VAT
These Jacquard wax flakes come from a renewable resource, as they are made from a vegetable by-product. It is biodegradable and has no fumes when heated. It is popular for candlemaking given that it is  Learn More
Jacquard Tjanting Tools

Our Price: $4.19
From  $4.19ex VAT$4.27inc VAT
This is the perfect tool for applying wax in fine lines. First hot wax is poured into the needle, it then flows through the needle spout. As you tip the tool it begins the wax flow, tip it back to make it  Learn More
Fast2Fuse Heavy Interfacing, 15 in x 18 in Sheet

Our Price: $4.40
From  $4.40ex VAT$4.49inc VAT
One 15 in x 18 in piece of heavyweight interfacing. Heavyweight stiffness. Add dimension to your artwork. Fusible on both sides. Easy to mark, cut and sew. Perfect for fabric and paper projects. Use for:  Learn More
Jacquard Stabilized Cotton Sheets, 12.5 in x 12.5 in, 6-Pack
Price$13.99Save:$4.20 (30%)
Our Price: $9.79
From  $9.79ex VAT$9.99inc VAT
Stabilized cotton gives you the ultimate control while painting. This convenient pack contains six 12-1/2 in x 12-1/2 in paper-backed cotton fabric pieces - a perfect size for quilters and mixed media  Learn More
Jacquard Airfix, 250ml

Our Price: $21.53
From  $21.53ex VAT$21.96inc VAT
Jacquard Airfix is an additive for Jacquard Textile colors, Neopaque, and Dye-Na-Flow and most other acrylic fabric paints. Use it as a catalyst to fix colors when heat setting is not  Learn More
Versatex Fixer, 16oz

Our Price: $12.59
From  $12.59ex VAT$12.84inc VAT
Especially when creating fashion, Versatex Fixer can be used with Versatex Screen Printing Inks to assist in heat fixing and improve  Learn More
Jacquard Sodium Alginate SH for cellulose fibers, 8oz
Price$20.89Save:$6.27 (30%)
Our Price: $14.62
From  $14.62ex VAT$14.91inc VAT
Sodium Alginate is a seaweed derivative used to thicken dye for screen printing, painting, or to control spreading. Jacquard's Sodium Alginate SH is used primarily for cotton and other cellulose fibers. It may  Learn More
Create Your Own Hand-Printed Cloth: Stamp, Screen & Stencil with Everyday Objects, by Rayna Gillman

Our Price: $19.57
From  $19.57ex VAT$19.96inc VAT
Fun, foolproof ways to create your own one-of-a-kind fabric! Discover your inner artist and put your junk drawer to good use. In this practical guide to the exciting world of surface design. Learn 8  Learn More
Fabric Art Collage: 40+ Mixed Media Techniques, by Rebekah Meier

Our Price: $18.87
From  $18.87ex VAT$19.25inc VAT
Mix it up with dozens of exciting new ways to create mixed media fabric art! Have you ever melted crayons onto muslin? Painted wool felt with bleach? Heat-embossed quilt batting using lace? Rebekah Meier has,  Learn More
Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutradur, by Lesley Riley
Price$20.95Save:$6.28 (30%)
Our Price: $14.67
From  $14.67ex VAT$14.96inc VAT
Looking to try something that's fresh, fun, and creative? Wait till you get your hands on Lutradur, the new art material that combines the best qualities of fabric and paper. Lutradur is ready for almost anything  Learn More