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Linex .45mm Rotary Cutter

Our Price: $9.18
From  $9.18ex VAT$9.36inc VAT
Linex rotary knife, rotary cutter features locking safety guard and adjustable  Learn More
Rotatrim Professional Rotary Trimmers
Our Price: $463.33-$795.00
From  $463.33ex VAT$472.60inc VAT
Originally designed to meet the exacting requirements of the professional photographer, the Professional 'M' Series has over the past 40 years, become the de facto standard for many applications where the  Learn More
Professional Cutting Mat, Translucent, 24in x 36in

Our Price: $47.70
From  $47.70ex VAT$48.65inc VAT
These long-lasting, self-healing mats are invaluable for cutting with craft knives DANIEL SMITH Professional Cutting Mats are made of a tough composite material. One side has 1' grid lines and 1/4' graduations  Learn More
X-ACTO Blade #24 Pkg Of 5

Our Price: $1.99
From  $1.99ex VAT$2.03inc VAT
The #24 Deburring Blade by X-ACTO is an excellent cutting tool for deburring, stripping, and  Learn More
X-ACTO Precision Knife #1 with Safety Cap

Our Price: $3.00
From  $3.00ex VAT$3.06inc VAT
The X-ACTO Precision Knife has a 5 inch handle, super sharp #11 blade and clear  Learn More
X-ACTO SureGrip Retractable Plastic Utility Knife
Price$6.69Save:$1.34 (20%)
Our Price: $5.35
From  $5.35ex VAT$5.46inc VAT
The X-ACTO Retractable Utility Knife is a basic but effective box cutter knife. Designed to cut  Learn More