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Prestige Nylon Canvas Brush Holder
Our Price: $9.48
From  $9.48ex VAT$9.67inc VAT
Prestige Brush Holder is made of padded black nylon, the easel secures with Velcro but is open at the edges, allowing air to circulate around the bristles. It folds into a tent shape  Learn More
Itty Bitties Canvas and Easel Set
Our Price: $7.99
From  $7.99ex VAT$8.15inc VAT
A mini match made in heaven - two tiny easels showcasing two tiny canvases in one itty bitty box! Create and display Lilliputian masterpieces with the mini canvases and easels in this itty set. It features two 3  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Gift Certificates, available starting at $5!
Our Price: $500.00
From  $500.00ex VAT$510.00inc VAT
Gift Certificates are a great way to make sure your friends and relatives get exactly what they want. They can be used through our catalog center or retail stores. Shipment on these are free of charge, and  Learn More
Winsor & Newton Pre-Stretched Cotton Canvas
Our Price: $2.50-$19.19
From  $2.50ex VAT$2.55inc VAT
High-quality, ready to paint and sold in twin packs, Winsor & Newton Universal Artists’ Canvas is coated with acrylic primers to accept oil, acrylic and alkyds on a medium grain surface that creates a variety  Learn More
GOLDEN Acrylic Medium and Molding Pastes Sample Set
Our Price: $21.29
From  $21.29ex VAT$21.72inc VAT
GOLDEN Acrylic Gel Medium and Molding Pastes Sampler Set The mediums in this set are tools that broaden acrylic working properties and expand painting possibilities.  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Natural Canvas Brush Carrier Short Handle 12" x 12"
Our Price: $16.49
From  $16.49ex VAT$16.82inc VAT
DANIEL SMITH Natural Canvas Brush Carrier with 8 pockets to hold brushes in all shapes and sizes. Brushes not included.  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Luminescent Acrylic Iridescent Gem 7 Tube Set
Our Price: $47.20
From  $47.20ex VAT$48.14inc VAT
A dazzling selection of jewel colors to highlight artwork. They are exquisite used on their own, or mix them with standard colors to create intriguing effects of light and depth. From rich, warm Aztec Gold to icy,  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Platinum Long Handled Faux Mongoose Brush Set, 5pc
Our Price: $38.79
From  $38.79ex VAT$39.57inc VAT
About Our High Quality Synthetic Brushes. The newest innovations in synthetic fibers combine with traditional handcrafted construction to create the most natural feeling synthetic available. Advanced nylon  Learn More
DANIEL SMITH Ultimate Acrylic 8 Tube Mixing Set
Our Price: $28.95
From  $28.95ex VAT$29.53inc VAT
Daniel Smith Ultimate tm Acrylic Mixing Set - This exciting new set contains eight 60ml tubes of our amazing mixing colors.  Learn More
Daylight Combo Lamp White
Our Price: $146.98
From  $146.98ex VAT$149.92inc VAT
The Daylight™ Combo Lamp is both a 22-watt color correct Daylight energy-saving tube (100-watt equivalent) and a 100-watt incandescent bulb for warmer light. Use the tubes separately or together. With  Learn More
Tom Lynch Porcelain Palette
Our Price: $89.99
From  $89.99ex VAT$91.79inc VAT
Easy to clean...keeps paint moist The Tom Lynch Porcelain Palette is ideal for studio use. It weighs enough to stay put and your brush glides across its smooth, glazed surface.  Learn More
Alvin Blue Hills Studio 4-Shelf Mobile Carts
Our Price: $53.95
From  $53.95ex VAT$55.03inc VAT
Alvin & Company has been a leading source of drafting and drawing supplies since 1950, and continues to meet the needs of its customers with value innovation. This mobile cart is available in finishes  Learn More
Caravaggio Primed Italian Canvas Rolls
Our Price: $142.86-$1,195.92
From  $142.86ex VAT$145.72inc VAT
Europe's top acrylic primed canvas. Caravaggio cottons and linens have been milled in Verese, Italy for over 30 years.  Learn More
Craftech Sienna Counter Weight Easel
Our Price: $935.00
From  $935.00ex VAT$953.70inc VAT
This easel is counterbalanced by standard weight plates (not included), that can be purchased at any sports equipment store. The three versatile canvas holders can accommodate small 8 in x 10 in painting panels up  Learn More
BEST European Easel
Our Price: $757.13
From  $757.13ex VAT$772.27inc VAT
Solid! Strong! Versatile! The European Easel by BEST is exquisitely constructed and supremely practical, adds to the pleasure of creating artwork and accommodates your changing needs. It adjusts quickly from  Learn More