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Item Reviews for: Princeton Catalyst Polytip Bristle Brushes  -  G 473 083P

My Favorite Brush
By: Nancy Coleman from Seattle      Submitted: 7/20/2014






Overall Experience

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Quality How would you describe the quality of this product? This brush has definitely become my favorite in painting with acrylics. Recently I was struggling with a mural, not happy with the level of control nor quality of edge I was getting with other brushes, and then I went to Daniel Smith and bought a couple of these. I bought only two, thinking I would try them out and then go back and get more as needed…but the two of them sufficed as they lasted much longer than expected, and I was able to paint lines exactly as I wanted. I am going to go back and get more, in various sizes, for my studio painting. Another plus is that they clean very easily and hold their shape even after a lot of use. Performance How did this product perform compared to your expectations? Out performed my expectations in every way - paint control, paint reservoir, brushes stayed intact with no stray bristles, easy clean up, longevity. Actually, it surprised me as I didn't know a brush could be this good. Use What did you use this brush(es) for? Painting a 19-foot outdoor wall mural! Value Was this product true to its value? Absolutely worth every cent! I will buy more for sure. Overall Experience What was your overall experience with this product? Basically, I lovelovelove this brush. And no, I am not a paid reviewer, just an artist who happily discovered this at Daniel Smith, thanks to the help of Julia, who works there!