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Item Reviews for: Strathmore 400 Series Hardound Watercolor Journals  -  G 220 501

right size portable and beautiful
By: marcia martin, from Modesto California USA      Submitted: 11/19/2013






Overall Experience

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Quality How would you describe the quality of this product? It's great, perfectly bound with fine paper that takes paint and cleans up well if you drip some or smudge out of lines. Performance How did this product perform compared to your expectations? I had been told to stay with the brand most artists tout as the best, but I wanted a nice bound book, and I am perfectly pleased with the finished pages. It's really better than what I had expected. Use What did you use this paper for? I am making a book of color combinations...i.e. Cool pallets I made 3 rows of4 perfectly placed circles and showed cerulean blue, lemon yellow and alz. Crimson in every combination. Next I did warm combinations. Then I made leaf shapes and showed ultra.m. blue combined with quinacridones, then iridescent electric blue and some pretty mixes. I can refer to the book for color references,and it's fun. I decorated the front using Daniel Smith ground watercolor masking in irregular oval border, then painting a self portrait on my cover in the white oval. Maybe I will make a tutorial video. I followed the watercolor ground video by DanielSmith for the Easter basket project. Value Was this product true to its value? Yes, it looks professional, and the price was great for all that paper. I haven't found any other nice books in stores or online that would be better. Overall Experience What was your overall experience with this product? I have spent two days of fun so far, and I love that I got this book. I spent time planning each page, and it's looking better than I had expected. I am also painting mix results of some of my favorite unusual DanielSmith colors. I have lots more pages, and if anyone has suggestions or questions,please email me. Put Daniel smith friend in subject, so I know it's not spam. I'm trying to find other color wheel type ideas.
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