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Another fine watercolor paint from Daniel Smith
By: lyn.lynch from phoenix, az, lyn.lynch.artist@gmail.com      Submitted: 2/21/2014






Overall Experience

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Quality How would you describe the quality of this product? Excellent. I like that it is a bit more runny than other watercolors. For my application, that works in its favor Performance How did this product perform compared to your expectations? 100% on target How would you describe the consistency? Good . Use How did you use this color in a painting? Primary use is for skin tones. I am high key loose painter, so it's perfect, the best I have used for skin tones. I also mix it was Golden Fluid Acrylics Payne's Gray for a different tone. I love that it is runny enough to not "stick" on the paper if my brush is a bit dry. Other skin tones I've tried do and leave a blotch where I don't want it. Value Was this product true to its value? yes Overall Experience What was your overall experience with this product? The problem with this product, as will all DanielSmith watercolors is the over-fill. So this Experience is ALL DS Watercolors, not just this one. Open the cap and the product shoots out. Yes, because it is runnier than most what shoots out seems more wasteful. I like a very clean palette and because this paint shoots out I have to either toss it or have a semi--clean palette. I wish DS would develop a better vehicle for their watercolors. I have many which have dried out because the cap would fit back properly.