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a wonderful magic carpet to all the worlds possible to inhabit, question, imagine.lows any question,
By: Jean Dexter Sobon from Shorewood, Wisconsin, USA, Earth, solar system, the universe. Our refuge. Our path to a new species., jdsobon@wi.rr.com      Submitted: 7/28/2013






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Quality How would you describe the quality of this product? it's tough, thin enough for multicle overlays, adds texture and demonstrates my idea of shape-shifting, multiple associations with public images, Myth, a dreamlike, surreal concept, and perfect for creating a concept of layers of thought, association, alterations in thinking - and for an art piece that challenges imagination, takes me and the viewer in multiple, opposing and ever-changing stories that every viewer relates to. My work challenges me to stretch and strengthen my view of life, reality, mystery, emotion and a world shaped by unshackeling our unconscious (Gustave Carl Jung- psychiatrist's concept of mental illness and multiple interpretation of reality. It challenges and confounds any who can interpret layered, painted, layered and with images that offer any deep thinker/empathetic/creative and sorrowful human (of all ages and education and all the multiple and conflicting, terrifying, humbled and joyful we all experience. It's an that anyone can do. It's a story of all our Performance How did this product perform compared to your expectations? Perfectly!! With collage, painting, drawing, hiding and resurrecting, assemblage, and the ideas never end - they create other worlds, multiple meanings for the curious, thinking, questioning human. I especially love to learn just how to view their realties, and contrast their concepts with those of adults and elders. I love it! Each piece I've created lives, grows, is altered, is the story of all of us, of the heaven or hell life can be. And it grows joy, hope, understanding of every created idea or form, and dies with us, yet lives on in all who love to be confronted with different ways of being, of thinking, questioning - and growth in ways that aren't from my mind, but of the collective human spirit and soul. It offers life and joy, comfort, anger, confusion and knowing all that our collective unconscious teaches. It is soul without the limitations of body. It is life, and as life, it grows, learns, hurts, and creates us anew. It is the life that never ends, the god within, shared. Use What did you use this paper for? See above. Value Was this product true to its value? YES! Overall Experience What was your overall experience with this product? It adheres to the most challenging surface, form, idea. It gives a new life to old ideas, hope to the seeker of meaning and full understanding that we all have this capacity within, to create ourselves over and over. It offers life, joy and the never-ending understanding and learning. It offers choice, endless stories that we tell ourselves, reconsider, reject and begin a new life- not in the imagery - but within each of us. It's been my refuge, my healing, my understanding. I am all others that have life, change form and learning, and all others, all individuals, earths, universes, atoms and all the smaller life . I am you, everyone, ever sentient life, the makings of planets, and the stars of the Little Prince and his lost pilot, his fox, the boabab of greed and hate, the well in the desert, hidden and discovered, redug and the waters that offer life. Heaven in this short lifetime on a dying planet, peopled with the wise, the ignorant, the lover and the hater. The outcast - each of u