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Item Reviews for: Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph Slim Pack 7 Pen Set  -  129 300 002

quality shows, and you will be so glad you have the finest
By: marcia martin, from Modesto California USA      Submitted: 11/19/2013






Overall Experience

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Quality How would you describe the quality of this product? They are simply the finest used for years by professional artists, architects and engineers because they make fine precise lines like no other pen...especially the throw away type. They are the pen of the masters. Performance How did this product perform compared to your expectations? So much easier to use than I had expected. The pens quickly come apart, and you just fill up the cartridge to the indicated level with the easy pour ink that comes with it. You don't have to take them apart every day and clean them, but you can. Mine have never leaked or clogged, and I have been using them for about 2 months..not every day. I usually just rinse the tip by swishing it in clean water for about 2 seconds, softly wiping on a paper towel, replacing the cap and storing on end in a jar with tip downward. I have stored them unrinsed over the weekend and returned to find them writing perfectly well. To get ink started you tap lightly with your finger on the back end of the pen holding it in the air, not touching the point to anything. Then attempt to write. It's easy and fast. If you have questions, email me.The variation in tip sizes and the fact that some are so tiny makes precise stippling and magical results. ..almost like a computer did it but better. Use How did you use this product? I write in tiny spaces using the .35 which is very thin but big enough to easily read. I use various ones for pen/ink scenes with watercolor wash mostly on street scenes to show shading and also to embellish roofs, windows, fancy architecture. ... Fences, leaves, tiny objects or lines that are difficult to do with a brush. My dad was a civil engineer before computers and loved these pens for design work. Value Was this product true to its value? The set is the best value, so yes. You save plus you get the see through, sturdy, easy open case for keeping everything together safely. Overall Experience What was your overall experience with this product? It's wonderful to have these exquisite pens at my disposal. When I use them in class where everyone has their disposable fat tipped markers, even the expensive ones are no match for the finest. You won't find disposables with fine points like this. I'm so proud when I pull out my rapidograph set. It's like driving a Range Rover.