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Watercolor Palettes


  • Cupcake Palette
    12 deep wells keep your colors clean and organized. Great for mixing colors, the Cupcake Palette is ideal for holding water and all water-based media. Made of durable, stain-proof plastic, its smooth surf ...
    Our Price: $5.99
    $5.99ex VAT      $6.11inc VAT
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  • Masters 28-well Folding Plastic Palette
    This durable palette folds for travel and storage! This 28 well palette is 5 1/2'' x 10 1/4'' closed and has 28 pigment wells, 5 mixing areas, thumbhole and 5 holes for brushes. ...
    Our Price: $3.99
    $3.99ex VAT      $4.07inc VAT
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  • Richeson 8 Well Slant Plastic Palette
    This white plastic tray is excellent for watercolors. It features eight slanted wells and eight round wells. It measures approximately 4 in × 12-1/4 in. The white plastic surface is easy to clean. ...
    Our Price: $5.54
    $5.54ex VAT      $5.65inc VAT
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  • Plastic Palette, 11-well, 9-1/4 in x 13-1/4 in
    The 11-Well Plastic palette rests comfortably on your forearm for ergonomic painting. Colors surround a wide-open mixing area. Great for acrylics, too. ...
    Our Price: $4.79
    $4.79ex VAT      $4.89inc VAT
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  • Porcelain Japanese Waterwell
    The Porcelain Japanese Waterwell is 6in diameter and 2 -1/4in deep. ...
    Our Price: $22.96
    $22.96ex VAT      $23.42inc VAT
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  • Slant Palette, 10 in x 13 in
    This 10' x 13', palette is practically indestructible. It contains a versatile mixture of slants, wells and mixing flats. It's made of high-impact plastic mixed with rubber. The rubber improves the flow of water on ...
    Our Price: $5.99
    $5.99ex VAT      $6.11inc VAT
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  • Round Plastic Palette, 10-Well, 7in
    Small plastic palettes are economic staples for classroom or studio work. The 10-well Round Palette is great for organizing colors, handling out paint and learning color theory. ...
    Our Price: $1.25
    $1.25ex VAT      $1.28inc VAT
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  • Sienna Pochade Watercolor Palette Inserts
    The watercolor palette insert is an accessory for the sienna plein air pochade box. Two sizes of palette are available to match the two sizes of pochade box. Two rows of well line each side of the palette. There ...
    Our Price: $8.85 - $10.62
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  • Richeson Replacement Cups for Richeson Palette
    Designed for use with the Richeson Palette, this set contains 12 air-tight sealed cups that will keep your paint fresh. Each cup holds approximately .35 fluid ounces. Made of durable stain-proof plastic, they are ...
    Our Price: $3.57
    $3.57ex VAT      $3.64inc VAT
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  • 20-Well Rectangular Angled Palette
    The 20-Well Rectangular Angled Plastic Palette is a great choice for your studio table. Big mixing areas let you mix juicy washes. Measures: 10' x 13.25' ...
    Our Price: $4.29
    $4.29ex VAT      $4.38inc VAT
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  • Plastic Oval Palette 11.75 in x 8.5 in
    The 9-Well Oval Plastic Palette, with its classic shape and thumbhole, is a handy way to organize and try out a new palette of colors.   ...
    Our Price: $2.89
    $2.89ex VAT      $2.95inc VAT
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  • Artist's Pocket Color Wheel
    The Artist’s Pocket Color Wheel™ teaches you about color mixing and relationships with the spin of the wheel. The two-sided wheel shows how primary, secondary and tertiary colors mix. Printed on plastic. ...
    Our Price: $6.29
    $6.29ex VAT      $6.42inc VAT
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  • ColorWheel 21-well Palette
    Designed for arranging your colors in chromatic order, this 21-well 12' plastic palette functions as a color wheel and palette combined. The segmented lid provides additional color mixing space. ...
    Our Price: $19.76
    $19.76ex VAT      $20.16inc VAT
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  • CMY Primary Mixing Wheel
    The Perfect Color Mixing Tools. Color Wheels are tools that teach color relationships by organizing colors in a circle so you can visualize how they relate to each other. ...
    Our Price: $6.99
    $6.99ex VAT      $7.13inc VAT
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  • Masterson Super Pro Sta-Wet Palette, 15-1/2 inx11-1/2 in
    NEW Super Pro Sta-Wet Palette by Masterson - The multi-purpose palette for acrylics, oils or watercolors. For acrylics, use the patented Sta-Wet palette paper and sponge (five sheets and one sponge included). ...
    Our Price: $21.95
    $21.95ex VAT      $22.39inc VAT
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  • Paragon Porcelain Fan Palette, 10 Well
    Porcelain Fan Palette has 8 big color wells and 2 generous mixing areas for watercolors, sumi colors or gouache. Heavy white porcelain stays steady on your work table and cleans up easily. Measures: 14-3/4 inch x ...
    Our Price: $17.25
    $17.25ex VAT      $17.60inc VAT
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  • Watercolor Color Wheel
    Watercolor Wheel™ Mixing Guide helps you mix watercolors and achieve color harmonies. Spin the wheel to learn how primary, secondary and tertiary colors mix and appear on watercolor paper, including tints, ton ...
    Our Price: $8.59
    $8.59ex VAT      $8.76inc VAT
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  • Artist's Color Wheel Mixing Guide
    A spin of the wheel teaches you about color mixing and color relationships. One side shows how primary, secondary and tertiary colors appear when mixed with red, yellow, blue, white or black, and includes a handy g ...
    Our Price: $6.82
    $6.82ex VAT      $6.96inc VAT
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  • Oval Watercolor Palette, 9 in x 13 in, 21-well Flower
    White for accurate color mixing, these sturdy plastic palettes have thumbholes and lots of mixing space. They are good for handheld or tabletop use. Choose from the 12-well palette or the 10-well flower palette. ...
    Our Price: $6.68
    $6.68ex VAT      $6.81inc VAT
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  • Robert E. Wood Palette
    This lightweight portable palette is our best-seller. The bottom has 24 deep pigment wells and 2 large mixing areas. The top has 4 large mixing wells. When not in use, the top fits snugly over the bottom, but is ...
    Our Price: $19.76
    $19.76ex VAT      $20.16inc VAT
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