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Watercolor Palettes


  • Robert E. Wood Palette
    This lightweight portable palette is our best-seller. The bottom has 24 deep pigment wells and 2 large mixing areas. The top has 4 large mixing wells. When not in use, the top fits snugly over the bottom, but ...
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  • Paragon Porcelain Fan Palette, 10 Well
    Porcelain Fan Palette has 8 big color wells and 2 generous mixing areas for watercolors, sumi colors or gouache. Heavy white porcelain stays steady on your work table and cleans up easily. Measures: 14-3/4 inch ...
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  • Porcelain 7-Well Lotus Watercolor Palette
    Porcelain Palette Lotus Flower 7 Well Porcelain palettes have smooth, glossy, easy-to-clean surfaces. This elegant Lotus Flower Palette has 7 wells for paint, water or medium. Palette has a diameter ...
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  • Oval Watercolor Palette, 9 in x 13 in, 17-well Oval
    White for accurate color mixing, these sturdy plastic palettes have thumbholes and lots of mixing space. They are good for handheld or tabletop use. Choose from the 12-well palette or the 10-well flower ...
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  • Richeson Lock Box Palette
    The Lock Box is a fantastic palette that allows artists on the move to store and transport their paint. Teachers find it great for distributing paints to students in the classroom. The top of this unit locks ...
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  • Folding Watercolor Palette, opens to 11.5 in x 12 in
    This economical folding palette is molded from lightweight plastic so that it doesn't feel heavy while working. Features a hinged thumb hole and is deep enough to hold short handled brushes and small tubes of ...
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  • Quiller Color Theory Traveler Palette, 11-1/2 in x 14-1/4 in
    Mix secondary and intermediate colors easily and accurately. Made with snug-fitting lids, the palettes work well for transparent watercolor, gouache, acrylic and casein. A guide to arranging your colors is ...
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  • Richeson Covered Palette
    Richeson Covered Watercolor Palette is great for watercolor and acrylic painters. Made of heavy-duty plastic, it has 22 wells plus a large area for ...
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