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Watercolor Paint Sets


  • The Daven Anderson Watercolor Palette Kit
    An award-winning Watercolorist, Daven describes himself as an ‘urban realist’, painting life as he sees it on the city’s streets. Dave is essentially self-taught spending only one year in a ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Primatek Primative Treasure Set
    Our exclusive PrimaTek colors are unique paints made with pure, authentic mineral pigments that are mined directly from the earth and each one has a story. These colors have captured the imagination of artists ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH and Laure Ferlita Imaginary Trips Watercolor Sets
    Sketching on location is almost always a thrill, sometimes because of what goes right and on occasion, because of what goes wrong; however, Laure encourages you to get out in your own backyard, your town or ...
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  • Molly Hashimoto's Palette, Watercolor Set
    Items included in this kit: 1 DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Permanent Alizarin Crimson, 15ml 1 DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Pyrrol Scarlet, 15ml 1 DANIEL SMITH Watercolor ...
    Our Price: $88.75
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  • Splash Ink Acrylic Mixing Colors 4 Color Set
    Splash Ink is great for watercolor painting, drawing and illustration on paper and most porous surfaces. Splash is made of pigments suspended in a fine acrylic emulsion so they are waterproof when dry. You ...
    Our Price: $24.99
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