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Tools and Surfaces

  • Jacquard Tjanting Tools
    This is the perfect tool for applying wax in fine lines. First hot wax is poured into the needle, it then flows through the needle spout. As you tip the tool it begins the wax flow, tip it back to make it ...
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  • Jacquard Habotai Silk
    Also known as 'China Silk'. Habotai means 'soft as down' in Japanese. It has a smooth, even weave perfect for painting. 100% Chinese silk, soft hand-rolled hems. Ready to dye, paint or ...
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  • Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool, Updated 3rd Edition
    Perfect colors every time! 24 color cards with numbered swatches. 5 color plans for each color. 2 value finders (red and green). 816 colors with CMYK and RGB formulas, plus HEX numbers for website design. Based ...
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  • Studio Color Wheel, 28 in x 28 in, Double-Sided Poster
    Color inspiration is everywhere you look! Color formulas have never been more picturesque. Displaying this large-format wheel on your wall makes it easier to find the perfect combination of colors for any ...
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  • Fast2Fuse Heavy Interfacing, 15 in x 18 in Sheet
    One 15 in x 18 in piece of heavyweight interfacing. Heavyweight stiffness. Add dimension to your artwork. Fusible on both sides. Easy to mark, cut and sew. Perfect for fabric and paper projects. Use for: ...
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  • Jacquard Stabilized Cotton Sheets, 12.5 in x 12.5 in, 6-Pack
    Stabilized cotton gives you the ultimate control while painting. This convenient pack contains six 12-1/2 in x 12-1/2 in paper-backed cotton fabric pieces - a perfect size for quilters and mixed media ...
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