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Sumi Brushes

  • Sumi Brush Half Moon Flow Sheep Hair Stiff Core
    This brush is made with highest quality sheep hair. The outer layer of hair is softer, for absorption; while the core hair is stiffer for resiliency. An elegant brush, with a bamboo handle.  ...
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  • Sumi Brush Rattail Fine Line Sheep Hair Stiff Core
    This bamboo handled Sumi-e brush comes to a very fine point. It is an excellent choice for smooth, fine, delicate lines and details. Made from natural sheep ...
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  • Sumi Brush Soft Magnolia Soft Tip Brush
    An elegant brush at an economical price. Made with soft, high quality sheep hair and a bamboo handle. The ferrule and decorative end of this brush are made from molded plastic, instead of the traditional ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH Hirafude Sumi Brushes
    DANIEL SMITH Hirafude Sumi Brushes. Hirafude Brushes are made with goat hair for absorbency and Taklon for spring. Use them for broad brushstrokes, angular strokes and smooth ...
    Price$17.68Save:$5.30 (30%)
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