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Speedball Screen Printing


  • Speedball Speed Clean for Screen Printing, 16oz
    Speedball Speed Clean is an effective screen filler remover and screen cleaner. Apply to both sides of screen with a paintbrush, scrub it in, apply again and let dry, then scrub with a nylon bristle brush while ...
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  • Speedball Plastic Squeegee, 9"
    Speedball Squeegees for Fabric and Graphics. The shape and material of a squeegee’s blade determines which type of printing it is best suited to. A round edge pushes more ink through the screen and reduces ...
    Our Price: $8.69
    $8.69ex VAT      $8.86inc VAT
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  • Speedball Screen Filler, 8oz Bottle
    Use Speedball Screen Filler with Speedball Screen Drawing Fluid for easy-to-use silkscreen printing. Paint drawing fluid over areas you want to print; once it's dry, squeegee Screen Filler across the same side of ...
    Our Price: $8.48
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  • Speedball Base Unit Hinge Pack
    the right tools make screenprint fun! Speedball Base Unit Hinge Pack contains one hinge plus screws. Use two packs to hinge a screenprinting frame to your work surface. 1 Hinge Unit. ...
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  • Speedball DIAZO Photo Emulsion, 26.4oz
    Speedball offers a full range of Photo Emulsion products. The photo emulsion method of screen printing is perhaps the most exciting method created. It makes fine line drawings, computer generated images, various ...
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