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Speedball Inks & Mediums

  • Speedball Water-Soluble Inks
    Speedball inks have a soft-bodied consistency designed for both student and professional use. Available in two tube sizes and 1 lb. cans, they are suitable for block printing by hand or with a press. No ...
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  • Speedball Acrylic Screen Print Inks
    Speedball Acrylic Screen Printing Ink comes in brilliant opaque colors, including 3 process colors. For use on paper, wood and cardboard, they contain no toxic solvents, have no offensive smell, and clean up ...
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  • Speedball Water-Soluble Block Printing Metallic Set,  4 Tubes, 1.25oz
    Speedball Metallic Block Printing Ink Set includes full-bodied, water-soluble inks. Brilliant opaque colors, excellent transfer tack, low odor and water cleanup make them a pleasure to use. Copper, Pewter, ...
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  • Speedball Oil Base Relief Ink, Black, 75ml Tube
    Speedball Oil Base Block Printing Inks are waterproof and permanent. They clean up with kerosene, ...
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  • Speedball Fabric Ink Transparent Base 32oz
    Speedball Transparent Base extends fabric and permanent acrylic inks for economy and/or transparency. Do not exceed 10-15% by volume. Clean up with water before dry and pre-test samples prior to production ...
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