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  • KUM Automatic Long Point Pencil Sharpener with Lead Pointer
    The famous KUM Automatic Sharpener sharpens pencils to an extra-long point in two stages. One hole is used to shape the wood, the second shapes the lead. An automatic brake prevents oversharpening. Flip-top ...
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  • KUM Long Point Pencil Sharpener
    For an extra long, extra smooth tip. Sharpens the wood casing first, then the pencil lead, in two separate precision holes for standard and draftsman points. Automatic stop feature. Flexible blades use ...
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  • Lyra Graphite Sharpener
    Lyra Graphite Stick Sharpener This steel-bladed platic sharpener makes it easy to sharpen the chunky &SKW=INFO+JETG'>Lyra Graphite Sticks./p>p>(1) ...
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  • Koh-I-Noor 3-hole Sharpener
    The Kohinoor Pencil Sharpener does triple duty with three hole for sharpening drawing pencils and colored pencils. Sharpens to three different tapered points. All-metal construction hand held sharpener. ...
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  • Sanded Lead Pointer
    Sandpaper Lead Pointers include sheets of extra-fine sandpaper for honing regular and beveled ...
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  • Alvin 2 Hole Sharpener
    Dome-shaped plastic container sharpener with pencil hole cover. Double-hole plastic sharpener inside. Assorted ...
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  • Dux Glass Pencil Sharpener
    NEW Dux Glass Pencil Sharpeners - The DUX Glass Inkwell Sharpener has the look of a 1920s inkwell, updated in bold colors. The sharpener is contained in the black cap, which unscrews to empty the ...
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  • Alvin Brass Wedge Sharpener
    Wedge-shaped brass sharpener with a replaceable blade provides two cutter openings to accept 7/16' ...
    Price$8.50Save:$1.70 (20%)
    Our Price: $6.80
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  • Faber-Castell Grip 3 Hole Sharpener
    This three-hole metal sharpener for pencil, pastel pencil or jumbo pencils. Shavings are stored in a cleanable reservoir - never spill your shavings again. Small yet so versatile, this is a terrific ...
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    Our Price: $4.75
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  • X-ACTO Powerhouse Electric Pencil Sharpener
    The X-ACTO Powerhouse Electric Pencil Sharpener is a great timesaver for anyone who draws. The Powerhouse is a commercial-grade, plug-in sharpener, built for heavy use with all standard-size pencils. It ...
    Price$38.72Save:$7.74 (20%)
    Our Price: $30.98
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  • Globe Sharpener
    Highly detailed for its size, but we wouldn't recommend it for navigation. Made in Germany of metal and plastic; remove the base to empty shavings. 1-3/4' ...
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    Our Price: $3.86
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  • Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil with Brush
    Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil with Brush This valuable tools sharpens easily for the ultimate in precision erasing, then brush away ...
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    Our Price: $1.92
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