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Sale Printmaking Tools

  • Safety-Kut Soft Printmaking Blocks
    Don’t be fooled by lesser brands—Safety-Kut is the most durable, flexible, easy to cut soft printmaking block we’ve ever seen! Safety-Kut prints easily on various types of roto presses and in most linoleum ...
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  • Gold Cut Linoleum, Pre-Cut Unmounted
    Made from a blend of linseed oil and cork powder. Gold Cut Linoleum is 1/8' thick and backed with heavy burlap. This product does not contain ...
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  • Speedball Rubber Brayers, Soft or Hard
    The soft rubber brayers work equally well with oil or water-based inks. We offer a complete range of sizes for inking very small areas as well as larger ...
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    Our Price: $10.35
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  • DANIEL SMITH Baltic Birch Relief Woodblocks
    Perfect for the Artist on a budget! Each wood block has fine-grained, smooth-sanded sides with a veneer core. Sizes may vary by a saw-blades width from those listed and edges may be slightly ...
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  • Speedball Linoleum Cutter 8-piece Set 2
    Set 2 consists of two handles and six cutters. Although inexpensive, these tools are durable and efficient. Blades can be stored in the ...
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    Our Price: $9.65
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  • DANIEL SMITH Linoleum Tool 6-piece Set
    The 6-tool set is primarily used for linoleum containing a knife and five different gouges. These professional quality U.S.-made tool sets withstand heavy ...
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