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Sale Lighting

  • Daylight Professional Artist Lamp
    see true colors day or night! The Daylight Professional Artist's Lamp delivers high quality, natural-looking light for perfect color matching and reduced eyestrain. With two different clamps, the compact, tubular ...
    Our Price: $149.99
    $149.99ex VAT      $152.99inc VAT
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  • Daylight Combo Lamp White
    The Daylight™ Combo Lamp is both a 22-watt color correct Daylight energy-saving tube (100-watt equivalent) and a 100-watt incandescent bulb for warmer light. Use the tubes separately or together. With ...
    Our Price: $146.98
    $146.98ex VAT      $149.92inc VAT
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  • Daylight Clip-on Studio Lamp and Stand
    The Daylight™ Clip-on Studio Lamp and Stand is designed for artists, restorers and photographers working with medium to extra-large paintings, interior wall sections or other large objects. The stable ...
    Our Price: $134.00
    $134.00ex VAT      $136.68inc VAT
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  • Daylight Clamp On Easel Lamp
    The Daylight Easel Lamp is specifically designed for painting, drawing or displaying on an easel. The lamp can also be easily clamped on to any flat surface. The Daylight Easel Lamp hood is attached to a flexible ...
    Our Price: $77.74
    $77.74ex VAT      $79.29inc VAT
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  • Paragon Super Sturdy Studio Lamp
    Paragon Super Sturdy Studio Lamp offers substantial size, powerful illumination and easy adjustment at a great price. Ideal for model lighting and photography, this heavy-duty lamp has a spring-loaded, black ...
    Our Price: $89.95
    $89.95ex VAT      $91.75inc VAT
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  • Testrite Studio Light and Stand
    This excellent light source comes with a special 75 watt bulb which closely simulates natural daylight. Use it for model lighting, accurate color mixing and canvas illumination. Feature include a heavy-duty 10-inch ...
    Our Price: $92.74
    $92.74ex VAT      $94.59inc VAT
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