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Richeson Pastels

  • Street Stix - Pavement Pastels
    Street Stix—Pavement Pastels by Richeson are vibrantly pigmented, jumbo-sized pastels. Since they’re rain-durable, they’re ideal for creating long-lasting sidewalk art, murals and other outdoor ...
  • Richeson Semi-Hard Square Pastels, 12 Stick Set
    Richeson’s professional, semi-hard pastel sticks are perfect for underpainting, their square shape is ideal for shading, and if so desired, they can also be sharpened to a point. Choose from a range of ...
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  • Richeson Blending Stomps and Tortillions
    The perfect tools for blending, adding textures or details to pastels! Tortillions and Stomps are made of tightly spiral-wound, soft gray paper. Tortillions offer one end for smoothing and blending ...
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  • Richeson Pastel Half Sticks, Hand Rolled 6-Piece Set
    The soft handmade pastels offer a consistent application without crumbling as some softer pastels do. Superior lightfastness, professional quality Perfect for broad strokes and fine ...
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