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Richeson Palettes

  • Richeson 8 Well Slant Plastic Palette
    This white plastic tray is excellent for watercolors. It features eight slanted wells and eight round wells. It measures approximately 4 in × 12-1/4 in. The white plastic surface is easy to clean. ...
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  • Richeson Plexi Palettes
    Acrylic palettes are lighter than wood, easy to work on and easy to clean - dried paint scrapes right off. Different colored papers can be placed underneath the clear plexi to match the tone of your painting ...
    Our Price: $10.58 - $23.95
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  • Richeson Melamine Coated Palettes
    Traditional palettes that are gracefully curved to fit the hand better and provid ...
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  • Richeson Grey Matters Paper Palettes
    The Grey Matters™ Paper Palette has neutral gray sheets, rather than standard white, for accurate color mixing. Placing colors against a mid-tone palette allows easy, accurate value identification and is ...
    Our Price: $6.38 - $13.95
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  • Richeson Covered Palette
    Richeson Covered Watercolor Palette is great for watercolor and acrylic painters. Made of heavy-duty plastic, it has 22 wells plus a large area for mixing. ...
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    Our Price: $12.59
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  • Richeson Lock Box Palette
    The Lock Box is a fantastic palette that allows artists on the move to store and transport their paint. Teachers find it great for distributing paints to students in the classroom. The top of this unit locks in ...
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