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Printmaking Papers Sheets


  • Waxed Masa Japanese Paper, 140gsm, 21 in x 31 in
    Machine-made in Japan from 100% sulphite, it is impregnated with wax to add transparency and water resistance. One side is smoother and shinier with both an internal and external sizing, making it useful for sumi ...
    Our Price: $4.99
    $4.99ex VAT      $5.09inc VAT
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  • Rives Lightweight Paper
    This 100% cotton, mouldmade paper works well for printing small etchings, woodblocks, or lithographs, as well as for drawing. The surface is supple and ink-receptive. ...
    Our Price: $2.39 - $4.28
    From  $2.39ex VAT      $2.44inc VAT
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  • Rives Heavyweight Paper
    Made in France, this versatile 100% rag, mouldmade paper is used with all printmaking media and for drawing. The 19in x 26in has 2 deckle edges, 1 tear and 1 cut, and the 26in x 40in has 2 true deckle edges and 2 ...
    Our Price: $2.92 - $5.88
    From  $2.92ex VAT      $2.98inc VAT
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  • DANIEL SMITH Lenox Paper
    A soft, absorbent paper for etching, drawing, pastel and screen printing, our Lenox is versatile, long-lasting and a great value. Due to its absorbency, many colors can be lithographed on the paper without the inks ...
    Our Price: $2.12 - $6.07
    From  $2.12ex VAT      $2.16inc VAT
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  • Johannot, Arjomari-Prioux Mill, France, 240gsm, 22in x 30in, White
    A mouldmade paper made of 75% cotton and 25% esparto, a perennial grass grown in Africa, Spain and Portugal. This paper works well for wood engraving, lithography, letterpress, intaglio etching, silkscreen, embossin ...
    Our Price: $5.42
    $5.42ex VAT      $5.53inc VAT
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  • Magnani Incisioni Italia Paper
    Incisioni is excellent for intaglio techniques and monotypes, as well as for lithography. It's a fine, bright-white printmaking paper with a soft, sumptuous surface. Mouldmade and lightly sized, Incisioni is made ...
    Our Price: $2.51 - $4.97
    From  $2.51ex VAT      $2.56inc VAT
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  • Canson Edition Printmaking Paper, Bright White, 250gsm, 22" x 30"
    Canson Edition Printmaking Paper-Arjomari-Prioux Mill, France. Two distinct surfaces-one smooth, one textured-give each sheet exceptional beauty and versatility for printmaking, drawing, and multi-media expression. ...
    Our Price: $2.43
    $2.43ex VAT      $2.48inc VAT
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  • Zerkall Copperplate Paper, White, 250gsm, 22" x 30"
    Zerkall of Germany has been producing printmaking papers since the 16th century. Copperplate is an affordable, solid choice for most printmaking processes. An excellent choice for intaglio printing. Other ...
    Our Price: $3.39
    $3.39ex VAT      $3.46inc VAT
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  • Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, 300gsm, 22-1/2" x 31-1/2"
    Hahnemuhle German Etching an acid free etching paper, with the smoothest surface in the ArtLine range making it ideal for images which are highly detailed and photographic imagery. The name suggests a surface ...
    Our Price: $7.24
    $7.24ex VAT      $7.38inc VAT
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  • Zerkall Nideggen Paper, 120gsm, 25" x 38"
    A mouldmade paper from Germany with a cotton and sulphite content, this acid-free sheet has a laid pattern with a wavy chain. Nideggen is soft and ink-receptive. It makes a very good letterpress or blockprinting ...
    Our Price: $4.05
    $4.05ex VAT      $4.13inc VAT
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  • Coventry Rag Paper
    This 100% cotton paper's uncoated vellum surface is excellent for drawing, lithography and silkscreen. Internally sized to prevent inks from absorbing or looking muddy, Coventry Rag has great dimensional stability. ...
    Our Price: $2.17 - $4.69
    From  $2.17ex VAT      $2.21inc VAT
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  • Arches "88" Silkscreen
    This bright white paper has a smooth, ink-receptive surface ideal for silkscreen printing, monotypes and lithographs. Some pastelists like the delicate surface of this paper, even though it lacks pronounced tooth. ...
    Our Price: $7.10 - $15.42
    From  $7.10ex VAT      $7.24inc VAT
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  • Hahnemühle Durer Etching Paper, Bright White, 300gsm, 22" x 30"
    Hahnemuhle Durer 300gsm mouldmade etching paper is excellent for intaglio work. Its absorbent, firm surface works well for deep relief and embossed printing. Ideal for etching, lithography, drawing, invi ...
    Our Price: $6.34
    $6.34ex VAT      $6.47inc VAT
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  • Superfine Printmaking Papers
    Superfine text is ideal for printing fine books and drawing. It  has a supple, ink receptive surface with a 65lb text basis weight. Superfine Eggshell Texture is a slightly smoother version. Superfine Cover, with ...
    Our Price: $1.13 - $1.63
    From  $1.13ex VAT      $1.15inc VAT
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  • Magnani Pescia Paper
    Magnani Pescia is a wonderful printmaking paper with a creamy, smooth surface that tears and cuts remarkably well. It works well wet or dry, shrinks evenly and takes much abuse so it is equally suitable for hand or ...
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    Our Price: $4.41
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  • Cartiera Magnani Professionale,  22x30 270gsm, White, Textured
    As a company with over 600 years of fine art papermaking experience, you can be assured that Cartiera Magnani has earned its stellar reputation. Founded in 1404, it wasn’t until the 18th century when Magnan ...
    Our Price: $1.99
    $1.99ex VAT      $2.03inc VAT
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  • Rives Moulin du Gue Paper (Rives de Lin), 270gsm, 22" x 30"
    Rives Moulin du Gue is snow white and toothy, and absorbs inks very well. The images are softer because the ‘shallows’ of the paper will remain white. It will accept layer upon layer of ink and the ...
    Our Price: $5.91
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  • Hahnemühle Copperplate Etching Paper
    These high-grade etching papers have an ideal degree of absorbency and a soft, supple surface for fine intaglio work. They are usually soaked for 1/2 hour and blotted prior to printing. The internally ...
    Our Price: $3.47
    $3.47ex VAT      $3.54inc VAT
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  • Rives BFK White Paper
    Rives BFK has a smooth surface and light sizing which makes it popular with artists and printmakers working in practically every technique. Mouldmade in France at the Arches mill, it is 100% cotton, acid-free and ...
    Our Price: $3.21 - $10.78
    From  $3.21ex VAT      $3.27inc VAT
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  • Fabriano Tiepolo Paper, Soft White, 290gsm, 22"x 30"
    Exceptionally versatile and strong paper that can withstand the wear and tear of rigorous techniques. Tiepolo has a traditional Italian soft white color with a particularly smooth surface texture. It is mou ...
    Our Price: $4.84
    $4.84ex VAT      $4.94inc VAT
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