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DANIEL SMITH Paper Palette, 12 in x 16 in, 50 Sheets
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Our Price:   $5.51  
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Eliminate scraping and cleanup The Daniel Smith is a disposable palette with cardboard-backed pads of heavyweight translucent white paper specially treated to be impervious to oils, alkyds or acrylics. 40 ...
Niji Waterbrushes

Niji Waterbrushes

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Our Price:   $6.28 - $6.90  
From  $6.28ex VAT      $6.41inc VAT

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Portable easy-to-use brushes with a reservoir that you fill with water. No more spills! No mess to clean up! Use them anywhere- take them on vacations or out in the field for plein air painting. You lightly ...
Masters Collapsible Water Jar with Sponge
Save:$0.40 (20%)
Our Price:   $1.59  
From  $1.59ex VAT      $1.62inc VAT

Collapsible water jar folds to 1 3/4' thick then expands to 5 1/2' tall to hold more than a pint of water. Complete with a hanging loop and small sponge. May come in blue, yellow, or clear. 5 ...
Lyra-Orlow Graphite Stick Holder
Save:$4.24 (20%)
Our Price:   $16.96  
From  $16.96ex VAT      $17.30inc VAT

Graphite Stick Holder For use with the Lyra-Orlow Graphite ...
Jullian 54" Umbrella
Save:$12.89 (20%)
Our Price:   $51.56  
From  $51.56ex VAT      $52.59inc VAT

This sturdy, versatile 54 inch umbrella clamps quickly onto an easel, table or chair. It has a flexible plastic gooseneck with 1-1/2 inch clamp, and a white nylon cover which protects you from the ...
Folding Leather Stool
Save:$7.28 (20%)
Our Price:   $29.11  
From  $29.11ex VAT      $29.69inc VAT

This heavy-duty stool features a leather seat supported by sturdy wood legs. It folds for easy transport and compact storage. Measures 24' high and holds up to 200lbs. ...
Robert E. Wood Palette
Save:$3.95 (20%)
Our Price:   $15.81  
From  $15.81ex VAT      $16.13inc VAT

This lightweight portable palette is our best-seller. The bottom has 24 deep pigment wells and 2 large mixing areas. The top has 4 large mixing wells. When not in use, the top fits snugly over the bottom, but ...
Black Gold Travel Brushes
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Our Price:   $6.16 - $11.07  
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The Black Gold Travel Brush is made with multi-diameter synthetic fibers blended to yield a razor-sharp edge and needle-sharp point. Set in a black plated ferrule attached to a two-tone kiln-dried brush ...