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Pastel Accessories

  • Watercolor Stick and Pastel Storage Case
    5 compartment plastic case that is perfect for holding DANIEL SMITH watercolor sticks. Break the compartments apart or leave them together in sets of 2 to 5. Fits many pastel sticks. Protects your ...
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  • DANIEL SMITH Pastel Blender Brushes
    Pastel artists love the soft blended effects these brushes give. Made of soft pony hair set in a seamless ferrule with a lacquered wood handle, these brushes offer a comfortable feel along with brush-like ...
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    Our Price: $18.46 - $26.38
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  • Finger Cots
    Protect your fingertips. Finger Cots are like tiny latex gloves for your fingertips. Perfect for pastelists or anyone who uses their fingers to apply and blend color. Hands stay cool and comfortable. When ...
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    Our Price: $4.47
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  • Richeson Blending Stomps and Tortillions
    The perfect tools for blending, adding textures or details to pastels! Tortillions and Stomps are made of tightly spiral-wound, soft gray paper. Tortillions offer one end for smoothing and blending ...
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    Our Price: $1.58 - $2.31
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  • Sienna Pochade Pastel Palette Inserts
    The pastel box insert is an accessory for the sienna plein air pochade box. Two sizes of pastel box are available to match the two sizes of pochade box. The storage area and lid are lined with foam to keep ...
    Our Price: $8.85 - $10.62
    From  $8.85ex VAT      $9.03inc VAT
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  • Aqua Stic Sharpener
    Aqua Stic Sharpener The transparent blue Aqua Stic Sharpener is specially designed to achieve the desired soft, blunt tips. (1) Aqua Stic ...
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    Our Price: $5.02
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  • DANIEL SMITH Jumbo Pastel Sponge Blender
    These blenders are an excellent tool for blending expansive areas of color. We suggest you use one for the primary and secondary colors and another for dark ...
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    Our Price: $5.30
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